Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Comment on this post:

Hi! You have interesting blog.

Why, thank you!

May I give You [sic] and [sic] advice?

Well, I just put up a post telling you to call your grandmother. Did you take my advice? She probably would have appreciated it. I don't think you did, but that's okay. Take me down the path to enlightenment.

To start building your online business you must know these 6 Secrets to Build [sic] Your Successfull [sic] Business.

Secret #1: Edit your material.

I'm going to save the [sic]ing from here forward, because it would take me an extra two hours to point it all out and it would make it even more vague and un-understandable.

These secrets are known long time ago but the real secret is to implement them step by step and to teach your business partners to do the same.

You just blew my mind.

If You will neglect some of this secrets youк business...

I know it's just a little deformed "K", but what a fucking awesome typo/computer glitch. Youk business? I'm in the fucking Youk business!

Let's try this again:

If You will neglect some of this secrets youк business will never grow and make your real money, but you will just wasting your time trying to invent a bicycle and getting more and more frustrated and asking yourself a question: "Why it's happening to me while others are succeeding?"

Comment by Monkey Makers Portal, Translation by Babel Fish.

Invent a bicycle? You mean "reinvent the wheel"?

Any why the capital Y in "You" and not "Your"?

My advice to you to write down to your diary these 6 secrets and use them every day and I can promise you - results will be great!

Who has an actual diary? I'm not Virginia Woolf, asshole.


It gets better.


I was the 32nd person to click through to the the Blogger profile attached to "Money Maker's Portal".

Vitaliy Syromyatnikov

About Me

My name is Vitaliy Syromyatnikov. I am 32 years old married guy from Krivoy Rog Ukraine. May I ask You a few questions? - "Can you tell me why youre looking to earn extra money from a part time business?" - "How would your life change if you had an extra $1,000 coming in each month?" - "Tell me a little about your last experience with a home business or will this be your first time?" - "How would an extra $1,000 per month help improve your lifestyle?" And 1 more... "Why should I show you how to earn an extra $1,000 per month?"

Now read that aloud to yourself in the Borat voice.

Interesting formatting choice, Vitaliy. Quoting yourself: Possibly unprecedented and certainly unnecessary.

Favorite Movies

9,500 Blogger users can't be wrong!

Favorite Books

A collage of other people who enjoy "Jim Rohn" book(s?):

The guy on the top right goes by Breezy.


Aaaaand I just got an email from him:

Greetings from Ukraine!

What if I told You about 3 simple steps how to make your own blog earn You good money not only from Adsense advertising or affiliate marketing, but from your own domain name,
would You be interested?

Follow me on Twitter

Please follow him on Twitter for me. I would consider it a personal favor. We already are. Who else is going to give you these kinds of opportunities?

I am using Reality Transsurfing rule. And U may stay in your "matrix", or It's up 2 U! If U want to know more about it - DM me.


/emerges from rabbit hole

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  1. Thank you, Jay. Just what we want. All of Brighton Beach and the Russian mob after Fack Youk contributors...