Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lil' Ken Offended By Yankee Stadium

It really must be a slow news cycle, because writers are publishing their bold predictions of things that will happen this season. This one comes courtesy of Ken Rosenthal (er, Rosensquirrel) and is boldy titled "These things will happen this season":
The New Yankee Stadium Will Be Offensive
I'm not talking about how the park will play; that's to be determined. I'm talking about the Yankees opening their monument to excess in the middle of the worst economy since the Great Depression. And no, I'm not forgetting about the Mets and — ahem — Citi Field.
Clearly the Yankees should have cancelled plans to move into the New Stadium based on the fact the fact that the economy sucks. They should have haulted construction when the Dow went below 8,000 and it was 3/4 completed. Nevermind the fact that the construction of the New Stadium actually stimulated the local economy by creating more construction jobs and will continue to by adding more coconcession positions dues to increased points of sale.

And how is that "offensive", exactly? Because the Stadium is extremely nice? Because the best tickets are $2500 each? You know, the seats Ken gets fucking PAID to sit in everytime he covers a game...

(h/t The Sports Hernia)

Click through and read the rest of the article because Ken is certain that A-Rod will not make it through the season, that "there will be no surprise teams" and that Gary Sheffield will hit his 500th home run (he's at 499).


  1. You check out the LoHud pictures of the New Stadium? Particularly those of Monument Park? Truly an offensive location. Also, I hate that they moved Thurman's locker out of the main clubhouse and into a museum.

    Everything I read about this piece of architecture makes me want to puke.

  2. Why I don't read Foxsports.com.

  3. And Joe's an idiot. It's a beautiful ballpark. Freakin' Monument Park used to be IN THE FIELD OF PLAY. Back in the day you could hit a ball off a monument and it was a live ball. So now they put the monuments behind the wall in center field and it's "offensive". Stop being a hater.

  4. I'm going to the Cubs game on Friday night, so I withhold final judgement, but I really like what I've seen so far.

    As of last year, every single Stadium in New York was a dated eye sore. I'm just looking forward to catching a game at a new, supremely sick Stadium where the concourses don't smell like salty garbage.

  5. Looking at more pictures and Monument Park placement looks good. The LoHud pictures sucked. The Thurman slight on the other hand, sucks.

  6. I thought it would have been a little contrived for them to move Munson's locker to the new locker room. It wasn't where his locker actually was, and it's been almost 30 years. He's got a place in Monument Park like all of the other Yankee legends.

  7. Also, FWIW, Rosenthal's analysis is usually nothing spectacular, but usually has the first scoops. He is certainly more accurate than Gammons.

  8. exactly.....did you want them to put Munson's locker in a place he never dressed? The best think about FOX is its animated shows. Rosenthal's article sounded like just a typical person who hates the Yanks for whatever reason now and his other article is even worse about what he see happening this summer. And he gets paid to do that....wow only in this country....stop building because of the economy? Man who hired this guy? NO MORE FOXSPORTS anything for me. Time we stop excepting what they throw at us and start demanding quality. Oh yea and the truth would be good...but they probably get that from FOXNEWS.

  9. That makes sense, never thought about it that way. I guess I'm still pissed that they are moving.