Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Stupid Apparel's Day!

A brief history of this special day:
Over fifteen hundred years ago, on an island in the North Atlantic, St. Stupid Apparel rounded up all the team colored merchandise and drove it into the sea. He then replaced all the items with stuff you could only wear one day out of the year (without looking like an asshat).
For more recent developments in St. Stupid Apparel's Day, please visit Simon On Sports. He has extensively chronicled these recent crimes against team branding and aesthetics. You can even vote on the most egregious!

Now go sneak out of work and grab a Guinness. And bring your green hat.


  1. Hey, I happen to like my green Yankees hat with a shamrock on it.

  2. I think you are just upset because they do not make red, white and green Yankees hats with little ravioli on them for Columbus Day.

  3. Will you be wearing that hat tomorrow?

    I'm just pissed they don't make holiday colored attire for Valentines Day, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, Halloween and Christmas.

    I would buy one of those hats if you substitued tortellini for ravioli.