Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gosh, I Hope This Isn't Serious!

Oh no!
When it seemed as though the injury news could not get any worse for Team USA, manager Davey Johnson announced on Wednesday that Kevin Youkilis has left the team because of a sore left ankle.

Youkilis returned to Fort Myers, where he was examined by the Boston Red Sox medical staff and underwent an MRI.

"Kevin Youkilis returned to Fort Myers, FL this afternoon to be examined by the Red Sox medical staff. He was diagnosed with a mild left ankle sprain as well as mild Achilles tendinitis in his left foot. Both MRI results were negative," the Red Sox said in a team release. "To limit movement and allow his ankle to heal, Youkilis will wear a walking boot for the next several days but is not expected to miss significant time."

Phew, that's comforting, although walking boots might still be a sore subject around the Boston Area...

You can send your "Get Well Soon" cards to:

Palms Park

Attn: Kevin "Fack" Youkilis

2201 Edison Ave.

Fort Myers, FL 33901


  1. In related news, I hope he isn't OK and this is a reoccurring injury all season.

  2. Damn. Too bad it wasn't an Achilles rupture. Well, at least my fantasy team is happy...Damn, I hate this conflict.

  3. He is not getting hurt in that picture, that is just his reaction everytime he strikes out looking....doucehbag