Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breaking News: Mike Francesa Sh_t Himself

If you were listening Mike'd Up, you may have noticed that Mike Francesa took an unexpected break. They went to a commercial, and were about to come back from break when there was a pretty long silence. It was probably over a minute long, and only ended when they started replaying an interview with Jerry Reese that had taken place earlier in the show. When it ended, Rich Ackerman came on and said something to the effect of "Mike is feeling under the weather and has gone home. Maybe a touch of the flu".

I think we all know what that means.

/nods at the title

//looks back at you


(h/t Cliff, as I do not listen to WFAN, but will gleefully accuse any of their hosts of shitting their pants)


  1. dude, this is a malady that afflicts the best of us from time to time and should not be mocked ::glances over shoulders nervously::

  2. At least you weren't out on a date with Linda Cohn.


    Or were you?