Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Something To Hold You Over...

... while I finish up the Billy Martin Countdown piece.

Via the NYPost, It appears as though out favorite tainted slugger has a unique way of preparing to tell the world he used steroids. That would be making out with one of three smoking hot women at the nightclub ajacent to the casino in the Atlantis. Sampson and I have a rather ridiculous story about our encounters with a Sheik from Saudi Arabia, three girls from Texas and Ice T, that took place in the same club when we were 18 and cashing in our graduation presents, but I won't bore you with that...

He showed up the Aura Club with the aforementioned brunette and - just to balance things out - a red-hot blonde. "The girls said they had come down with A-Rod from the US," said an eyewitness. "They were dancing in front of him and even kissing each other to entertain him. He seemed to like the brunette more." When he wasn't playing with his lady friends, A-Rod knocked back Grey Goose vodka as the music blasted.


...he, the brunette and the blonde "all left the club together," the eyewitness said.

Fine work sir. All I can say is "it's about fucking time" (no pun intended). Does this mean he's no longer with Madonna?

/crosses fingers


  1. Nice that he has apparently moved on from she-males.

  2. Even his harshest critics can find fault with that bunt single...

    He also appears to be taking a wide turn at first.