Saturday, February 14, 2009

CC, Burnett and Teixeira To Benefit From A-Rod Scandal

If there is another positive about the A-Rod Steroid Scandal, which I am already sick of hearing about (despite the fact I am writing about it now), I think that in the event that CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and Mark Teixeira fail to live up to their nice offseason contracts that amount to approximately half a billion dollars, they will not get criticized like they would have sans the scandal. Instead of focusing on the performance of each player with a microscope, the tabloids and sports radio will be focused on A-Rod's performance and how it relates to his admission.

Given the questions about how a California boy will handle New York, I think this will benefit Sabathia the most. It will also help Teixeira, a notoriously slow starter. For the month of April, the press will be writing about a minute detail from Selena Robert's book, the release date of which was pushed up by Harper Collins up from May 19 to April 14.

As I read the Post and Daily News this morning, I expected to see a few stories about CC and AJ. However, 3 of the 4 stories in the Post are about A-Rod and 6 of 7 News stories about the Yankees are about A-Rod....When Teixeira wins the AL MVP and CC wins the Cy Young, they should treat A-Rod to a huge dinner at Sparks followed up by a night at HeadQuarters (sans the heat, of course).

Print media is so stale that they need to have multiple stories about how Alex's teammates will stand behind him. Why wouldn't they stand behind him? They play with the guy for 162 games and share the same clubhouse, dugout, charter flights, postgame spreads and hotels.

Also, another gem from the Post that serves as its lead story: "Pettitte: I'M NOT ON MLB'S LIST. "Why would it matter if it is on the list? The guy admitted HGH use last year and has already suffered from the PED scandal. Sure, the A-Rod stuff is "juicy," but myself and other Yankees fans are going to support the guy just based on the fact that he will be in Pinstripes for 9 more years.

So basically you're telling me that amateur, vulgar mid-20s guys come up with more innovative angles than people who are PAID to write? Pathetic. Now wonder why the industry is dying. Stop writing this crap and save some trees. Joel Sherman, I'm looking at you.

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