Monday, January 12, 2009

You Surprised?

Cause I'm not.

Giants GM Jerry Reese admitted Sunday that the Giants were a different team without Plaxico Burress. He also said that Burress "absolutely" could return to the Giants next season.

Funny how the tune changes, isn't it?

If/When the Giants lost this postseason, no matter how, when or where this was inevitably going to be the one tipping point that every pundit was going to point to. Writing (or reading) anything about how much this affected the Giants is pretty low on my to do list at this point. Probably right about here:

To Do List:

  • #1,908,987,094 - Pop a couple of Percosets and take a toaster bath
  • #1,908,987,095 - Talk about Plaxico Burress

But really quickly... There are other guys on the free agent market this year. You think TJ Houshmazadeh might want to leave Cincinatti? The Giants probably needed a better #1 reviever than Domenik Hixon, but it doesn't have to be Burress. He's a special player, but there is going to be a ridiculous amount of baggage if somehow he avoids going to jail.

It's been real, Plax. Good luck with insane level of paranoia that you have, which led you to believe that carrying a loaded handgun into a nightclub in Manhattan via the fucking elastic band of your sweatpants was even remotely close to a coheret thought. FUCK.

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