Thursday, January 8, 2009

BCS Title Game Preview and Predictions

Tonight's championship game features Oklahoma and Florida, two explosive teams with two of the best (and douchiest) QBs in college football. Lets break it down.

The story behind Oklahoma is their offense, which is fucking unreal. They have scored over 50 points in 9 of 13 games, scored over 60 points in their last 5 games, are averaging 54 points a game, and are the only team to score over 700 points in a season.

Like any good offense this starts with their offensive line which features All-American Duke Robinson. This line has allowed only 11 sacks all season and is a major reason why Sam Bradford won the Heisman Trophy.

Bradford will need to be on point tonight, but he commands a small army of receivers all capable of making a big play which should help his cause. According to ESPN, ten receivers caught a touchdown and eight made at least five third-down catches. That is pretty good, but when you are destroying teams by 50 points these stats could be loaded.

Watch out for 1000-yd rusher Chris Brown. Florida has a tough defense that will be all over these receivers and a D-line that is capable of getting to Bradford, even with their great O-line. Brown has the speed needed to move the ball against Florida's defense and the Sooners will need him to come up big.

The bottom line with Florida in this game is their defense and their overall speed. Their fucking place holder runs a 4.2 40yd dash (not confirmed.)

Tebow gets a lot of credit for this teams success (rightfully so), but it downplays what their defense brings to the table. It is easy to win when you only give up over 20 points 3 times (2 of games being to #1 Alabama and #4 LSU) and give up an average of 13 points per game.

They have hard hitting LBs (Brandon Spikes) and a secondary that will make any receiver coming across the middle pay (Note: Florida's safety is named Major Wright. Who the fuck names their kid Major?) If their D-line can get to Bradford to rattle him up a little bit, they should be in good shape.

Game Prediction
Ultimately, I think that Oklahoma will have trouble moving the ball against Florida's defense and I suspect Tebow's offense will do pretty much whatever they want against this the Sooner D.

Florida 35
Oklahoma 27

Drinking Prediction
The over/under on tonight's beer consumption while watching this game is 13. I have been a little sick lately so I haven't drank since last Friday, so I am going to take the over.

Check back tomorrow for my follow-up posting about how 98% of what I just wrote didn't happen and how completely wrong I was!!!


  1. We actually have a family friend named Major Ogilvie who played college football for Alabama back in the late 70's. Apprently playing SEC football is the only way to justify that name.

    And I'll take the under... pussy.

  2. I will be over by the time I leave work. Did I mention I drink at work now?

  3. "The over/under on tonight's beer consumption while watching this game is 13"

    That would be cheating.

  4. Major Ogilvy? Didn't he win the US Open a few years back? I hate Tim Tebow and Florida but i do not think Oklahoma's defense is going to be able to stop them. Florida will win by 10. As for the drinking, Will I am bringing a super pack (36 beers) over. My prediction is that there will be 6 beers left at the end of the night without taking into consideration the x factor that is the half full bottle of makers mark sitting on your kitchen counter. So ill stick with the over.

  5. Frank, how can you hate the Baby Jesus Reincarnated? Tebow will circumcise the Oklahoma D.

    Gators: 42
    Sooners: 35

    I'll take the over considering we're talking about Will.

  6. I'm going to take this opportunity to pick Oklahoma, solely since no one else has.

    Sooners: 48
    Gators: 42

    In overtime.

    Igoe, excellent Tebow circumcision reference.

  7. Good call Jay.
    I took Florida, but my ideal outcome would be to have an actual Florida gator bite Tebow's leg off.