Monday, April 19, 2010

Rays Sweep Sawx, Ruin Patriots' Day

[Screengrab via Schiff, courtesy of 30fps]

It wasn't an especially enjoyable Patriots' Day for the Fenway Faithful, as the Sawx were already losing 6-0 by the time high noon rolled around. John Lackey got pounded, allowing 8 runs in 3 1/3 innings, the biggest blow coming in the form of a 3 run homer to B.J. Upton that Bill Hall ran into the wall, ribs first, trying to catch. Jeremy Hermida broke up Jeff Neimann's shutout with a two run shot in the 7th inning, but it was too little, too late.

The Rays won 8-2, extended their winning streak to 7 and their TV crew captured a most exquisite visual representation of Soxenfreude in the process.


  1. did any sox fan whig-and-tory out?

  2. Jason from The Heartland4/19/10, 4:19 PM

    LOL, Anonymous. Witty and wise; well played.

  3. My favorite part of this game was the rays announcer saying that they should close the window during the 8th inning because he might throw himself out the window having to listen to sweet caroline

  4. It's to early to cast the Sox out of the picture. With that being said, I sure don't mind coming home from work knowing that Red Sox Nation will not be enjoying the encore presentation of that day's game.

  5. At this point, shouldn't we Yankee fans be rooting for the Sox and Rays to split every series?

  6. Jason from The Heartland4/19/10, 11:15 PM

    Is it me, or do the two guys with the shades look like Lewis and Gilbert from "Revenge of the Nerds," sans yellow jump suits?