Thursday, March 4, 2010

Morning Linkaround

Good morning, Fackers. Here are some items of interest while we wait for the all-important World Series rematch at 1:00.
I don't care if they're both from the northeastern part of Cincinnati, I don't like the fact that Paul O'Neill is giving Kevin Youkilis advice. However, the suggestion was for Youk not to start hitting until February 1st, so if he gets off to a cold start this season, maybe we owe Paulie one.

Our favorite lawyer-turned-blogger uses some of his legal expertise to talk about Governor Paterson's illegal acceptance of free World Series tickets from the Yankees. You can find a more in-depth conversation if you scroll through this thread as well.

Bobby Abreu finally sold his Condo on East 58th Street for $5.1M. El Como Dulce and his agent were initially reluctant to take a loss on the property, but the market for apartments in New York City that covered limited square footage in buildings over 35 years old had been on the decline.

Cliff Corcoran at Bronx Banter writes about a topic that we're all pretty sick of, but somehow finds a way to make it interesting. That's the mark of a good analyst who is also a good writer, folks.

Over at River Ave. Blues, Daniel R. Levitt authored a guest post about how the economics of the Great Depression changed baseball and gave the Yankees a competitive advantage. Before the late 1920's, a Major League team could only control players on their 40 man rosters, meaning their Major League 25 man and 15 minor leaguers. But Minor Leauge teams, hurting for capital, asked the Big League clubs for help. In return, the MLB teams demanded greater control of the players. Additionally, unlike the Steinbrenners now, Col. Jacob Ruppert had his brewing business to fall back on and the repeal of Prohibition gave him a steady stream of income that most other owners didn't have.

NoMaas interviewed Brett Gardner. Topics include Gardner's thumb, the departure of Melky Cabrera, bunting, his contact rate, sweet tea and stealing first base.

Chad Jennings continued his "5 Questions" series with hero of yesterdays game, Colin Curtis.

Marc Carig asked Bernie Williams how much he thinks about the Hall of Fame and the fact that other people around the league were using steroids when Bernie was ostensibly clean.

Joe Posnanski + FanGraphs = Really Interesting Stuff

Dave Cameron compared Adrian Gonzalez and Mark Teixiera and found that they are pretty similar players. However, Cameron also adds that A-Gone probably shouldn't hold his breath for 8 year and $180M with the Yankees out of the bidding.

Orel Hershiser is taking the place of Steve Phillips in the Sunday Night Baseball booth. Thank you, Brooke Hundley!

Tyler Kepner caught up with the one guy who didn't give Joe Mauer his first place vote for MVP. Keizo Konishi says that he voted for Miguel Cabrera because:
"If I took Cabrera out of the Tigers’ lineup, I thought it would be a very different team. If I did the same thing for the Twins, if I picked Mauer out of their lineup, they would still have a better lineup compared to the Tigers".
He also cited the fact that Cabrera's team went further into the World Baseball Classic (not a joke).

And finally, can you guess where this quote come from?
Poor Kevin Kernan. His suggestion here brought cause for some of the usual FJM Wannabes in the Yankees blogosphere to emerge from their ivory towers – constructed out of their alleged righteousness – gunning for him with torches and pitchforks.
Oh yes, poor Kevin Kernan. Can't a newspaper guy just mail in a hacky column without someone calling him out for it anymore? What happened to the good old days when sports writers didn't have to use fancy things like "numbers" or "logic" and you could just spout off racial stereotypes without consequence?


  1. I like this - in the article he linked to under "FJM Wannabes" he had this little gem, "going forward, I’m going to think hard when posting some “criticism” and consider the reason why I’m sharing it. Is it warranted or constructive?"

    Do you think there was a thought going through his head when he called Crawford "street"?

  2. Yeah exactly, Rob. Not to mention how hypocritical and passive-aggressive it is to link to his own self-righteous post (that he doesn't even abide by) when accusing someone else of being self-righteous.

    It's funny that he can't even respond to the one post I wrote about him on it's face, but has to try to slip in a slimy, back-handed retort without having the common courtesy to link to the thing he's criticizing. It's almost sad how right the conventional wisdom about him is.

  3. Jay

    Your obsession with Lombardi is starting to get as bad as his obession with Cashman. His blog is dead in the water. No one wants to read his complaining anymore. Most of my friends who used to read lombardi have switched to blogs like RAB, TYU, and IIATMS.

    Why do you even bother reading his crap and commenting on it?

  4. Anon - The one major difference is that Cashman doesn't try to snipe Lombardi without naming him by calling him a "Mike Lupica Wannabe" or something. I honestly don't even read the guy but people send me links when he's particularly off-base.

    I've posted a two things on Lombardi recently (actually, one and another passing reference at the bottom of a link dump). I don't think that constitutes an "obsession". I have no intention of writing another post about him, but if he keeps taking cheap shots at me, I'm going to call him out for it.

  5. Jay - I thought you also once posted something about an interview that Lombardi did with another blog. Was that someone else?

  6. That was me, Anon, but it was three full months ago.

  7. Jay, thanks. I wasn't totally sure.

    could it be possible that lombardi thinks he didn't take a cheap shot at you? If he saw the interview, maybe he's thinking "Jay Started It..."?

    No matter. His blog is dying. He's getting what he deserves. I'm just saying that you should ignore him like everyone else is doing and not let him get on your nerves.

    Keep up the good work on your blog!