Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ever To Excel

I've never been shy about dropping references to my alma mater here, whether it's been talking about the Beanpot, recapping their outdoor hockey game at Fenway, or making passing references to their football team all fall. I realize that, with the exception of Joe, it's of little to no interest to the vast majority of the Fackers, but I appreciate your humoring me, or at least ignoring it politely.

But today Fackers, today is a day where you all should rally behind Boston College. At 6:00, BC will play their annual exhibition game against the Red Sox. You may not care about BC, but I know that there's no love for the Sox in these parts.

The Eagles have little chance against the Sox. They've never beaten them, and about the best things got was three years ago when Johnny Ayers, who was also the punter on the football team, led off the game with a double off Daisuke Matsuzaka in his first Red Sox appearance.

But the BC baseball program has gained a higher profile in recent years. Catcher Tony Sanchez was the fourth overall pick in last year's draft; pitcher Mike Belfiore was a supplemental first round pick, and two other Eagles were selected in the later rounds. Last year's team qualified for the College World Series for the first time in forty two years and battled national power house Texas for seven hours and twenty five innings before losing the longest game in collegiate history. It's a long shot, but if Manatee Junior College could beat the Pirates last year, maybe there's hope for the Eagles tonight.

For the Sox, former Twin Boof Bonser gets the start after missing all of 2009 with a shoulder injury. I had hoped the Yankees would kick the tires on Bonser when the Twins DFA'd him in the offseason. Not because he's any good - he's not really - but because he sports the same nickname that's followed me for more than fifteen years. I briefly had visions of me getting a player t-shirt with my nickname on the back without looking like a total loser in the process, but it's just not in the cards. To make matters worse he's gone to the worst possible team. So that's it for you Boof: you're dead to me now.

Game starts at six and will air on NESN. To get your school spirit going for tonight here are the Dropkick Murphy's with the BC fight song.


  1. been reading the blog for a while, i am a fellow yankee fan, youk hater, and BC grad myself (class of '09 actually)...just wanted to say I enjoy the writing about BC even if no one else does, so I hope you keep it up

  2. Let me second the sentiment especially since as a 08 eagle my freshman and senior year were stained with red sox world series victories. And even my new england friends joked about how the youkster looked like a gay neo-nazi so this blog is gold for me.

  3. Thanks guys. Glad to know there are a silent few who appreciate it.

    Last night's exhibition wasn't a blood bath at least, and the basketball team picked up a win on Senior Night.

    Anon #2 - Tough break on having to sit through those two World Series wins while you were there. I lucked out - four Yankee pennants and three World Series titles in my four years there.

  4. and now a Drop Kick Murphy reference. This following a Disco Biscuit reference. I appreicate your musical taste. (I have posted as Lou before but I can't get Google Account to work)

  5. Its not really anonymous (Its Lou)
    I do disagree with your take on the Biscuits. Though their shows are littered with mood enhancers (probably even to a greater degree than Dead, Phish, or Moe shows) I feel the music can be appreciated without the drugs. I frequently pop a Biscuits, Lotus, or STS 9 cd in the car or on an MP3 player when I go for a run. I find it energizing – in fact though the music is significantly different than other bands of my liking (Drop Kick Murphy’s, Pietasters, Toasters, Slackers, Zeppelin) I find the music has the same pick me up. If the band brings rhythm and energy, I’m in.

    That said, though I do appreciate your taste in music your satire and baseball knowledge keep me coming back. Keep up the good work.