Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Gotta Move

There have been some recent movings and shakings in our corner of the blogoverse that we would be remiss not to inform you of.

First, our friend Joe Pawlikowski from River Ave. Blues made his debut over at FanGraphs today which is like, a pretty big deal and stuff - to us baseball bloggers anyway. Joe has been doing great, in-depth analytical pieces over at RAB for a while now and has been especially prolific this offseason, coming up with original topics day in and day out. And that's no small feat this time of year. Congrats buddy and keep up the good work.

Another friend of the blog, Jason from the Heartland is now writing for Bronx Baseball Daily. Jason has been operating his own blog Heartland Pinstripes since early 2008 and started commenting here early last season. His first piece over at BBD is about the potential for salary caps and floors in baseball and how they might affect the upcoming labor negotiations. Like always, he lays out the issues thoroughly and insightfully.

Not so much a relocation as a redesign, Jason Rosenberg gave his site It's About The Money, Stupid a makeover. He's now a part of the Rob Neyer & ESPN's SweetSpot network which necessitated the update and that partnership should start kicking into high gear as the season approaches. For those of you who subscribe via RSS, the feed has changed to - feed:// .

Finally, the site formerly known as Circling the Bases which our pal Craig Calcaterra calls home is now Hardball Talk. It's the same place, but in order to align with the other sites NBC Sports operates, the name was changed. Here's Craig with the explanation.

That's it from our neck of the woods for today. I was going to do a countdown piece for Joe Torre but I didn't get around to it. Sorry, Joe. Maybe next year.

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  1. Thanks for the nod and kind words, Jay. To what degree I maintain The Heartland, especially as the season approaches and winds on, we'll see. But I've enjoyed how things have started at BBD, Rob is amassing quite a cadre there, and I feel positive about the momentum BBD has gathered. I feel that, with Fack Youk, RAB, TYU, and others, BBD too is on the rise. It's a rather exciting time for our respective nooks of the Yankee blogosphere.