Thursday, January 28, 2010

20 Days Until Spring Training: Kevin Youkilis

The fackin' Youkstah. The Youkin' fackstah. Our mortal enemy and constant inspiration. The man with the face that could shatter a thousand mirrors, a beard with a website of its own, and the batting stance so homo-erotic that would have been censored on TV if he played in the 1950's. He's not afraid to flip you the bird or take a walk (unless it's raining).

In the immortal words of Fack Youk Hall of Famer Matt Taibbi:
Youkilis fighting a middle reliever to a nine-pitch walk looks like a rhinoceros trying to fuck a washing machine.
Of course, middle relievers aren't the only pitchers he likes to fight. Fittingly, his fisticuffsmanship was directly responsible for the most visited and commented post in the history of this site and for that we owe him our deepest gratitude. If he wasn't such a dick, tens of thousands of people never would have visited this blog.

In all fairness though, we have respect for the Youkasaurus. He's among the toughest outs in the Majors and if he wasn't such a thorn in the Yankees side, we wouldn't have bothered to name this blog after our hatred of him.

Don't ever change, Youk. This site would be even less popular than it already is if you did.


  1. I'm a noob. What's the story behind the creation of this blog?

    I love the blog by the way.

  2. Anon - This post more or less tells the story of when/why I started the blog.

    It was about a year ago, shortly after the Yanks signed Teixeira. There was no real connection with Youk or at least no event in particular that inspired the hatred. Just thought the name sounded good and worked for a Yankee blog.

  3. Hooray for Jay!

    You got a lot of wood on this one !

    This is what being a Yankee fan is ALL about.

  4. Hey check out youtube and look up dr kreepy is it just me could this be kevin's long lost illegitimate brother???