Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rounding Up Some ALCS Previews

Since the Yankees didn't know who they were playing until the day before the ALDS started, there weren't too many comprehensive previews written for the series. For the ALCS, quite the opposite is true.

We aren't going to do anything specific in preparation for the series just yet, but for those of you who are jonesing for some info, we've taken the liberty of rounding a whole bunch of them from the many corners of the interwebs:

Looking to buy tickets? They won't be cheap.

River Ave. Blues examines the managers, the starting rotations and the Yankees' roster.

Tyler Kepner runs down the Angels' various ways of winning and notes that this diversity is what helps them win so often.

Dayn Perry of Baseball Prospectus (over at FOX Sports) thinks this could be one for the ages.

Rob Neyer breaks down the Angels perceived strength on the basepaths and concludes that the bulk of it doesn't come from swiping bags. Don't worry, Joe Girardi has a plan to deal with their speed. Carson Cistulli wonders how fast Bobby Abreu really is.

Mike Vaccaro of the Post writes of Mike Scioscia's torturous ways.

Dave Allen at FanGraphs projects how Jered Weaver might fare at Yankee Stadium in Game 2. Dave Cameron (also at FanGraphs) looks at the first three starting pitching match-ups and expects both teams to use a 3 man rotation, which would allow the Yanks to start three lefties at the Stadium.

Pending Pinstripes lays out the schedule and gives the Yanks about a 2 in 3 chance of winning.

Steve Goldman from The Pinstriped Bible quickly notes the differences between the Twins and Angels and assures us that the Halos will be a tougher match-up.

Steve Piloti of the Newark Star-Ledger gives us 5 reasons to worry.
Is that enough for you?

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