Thursday, October 8, 2009

Enough With The Mauer Speculation, Already

That's what Mike Vaccarro is saying, except, since he works for the Post, he's speculating anyway.
Hell, the Yankees have never been shy about raiding their foes. They took Tommy John away from the Dodgers, took Luis Tiant and Johnny Damon and Wade Boggs away from the Red Sox, took Jason Giambi away from the A's after he nearly wrecked them by himself a couple of times in the playoffs. Until they announce they're out with Mauer, they always will be in, and that's an awfully enticing thought.
Are people really "yearning" for Joe Mauer as Vaccarro also says in the article? Giving out another $200M contract or whatever it's going to take to sign Joe Mauer isn't enticing to me at all. The guy is an incredibly great player - a catcher with 3 batting titles, who's just starting to hit for power - but can we keep it in our pants for once?

The Yanks are in the middle of a postseason run and people are speculating about who they are going to sign two fucking years from now? There will be plenty of cold winter months to dream about Joe Mauer or Felix Hernandez or a bunch of other ridiculously expensive marquee players that the Yanks have been developing their farm system specifically to avoid signing.

That's why the Yanks have spent top 10 picks on catchers like John Murphy, Kyle Higashioka, Austin Romine and Chase Weems (although they traded Weems for Jerry Hairston, Jr.) and signed Jesus Montero and Gary Sanchez and high upside arms Andrew Brackman, Gerrit Cole, Phil Hughes, Joba, Dellin Betances and Brett Marshall. The Yanks can spend big money on free agents, but would much rather not have to.

Sorry Mike, smart Yanks fans know we got our presents this year. They were the contracts given to Sabathia, Teixeira, Burnett and less recently, A-Rod. Derek Jeter's gonna need a new one after next year. Cano is due to make $14 and $15M in 2012 and 2013, respectively and the organization is going to want to cut payroll if at all possible. We can think about the future during the offseason, right now, we're just enjoying the moment.


  1. Just a side note but the Yankees didn't sign Gerrit Cole he went to UCLA instead but yes they have been going with high upside arms...

  2. I did know that, it just got lost in the clusterfuck that was that sentence. They used their highest draft pick on him in '08 and made him a fair offer, he just chose to go to school.

  3. Agreed Jay. Clearly I'd take Mauer and Felix, but two points you mentioned are key--one, the Yanks shelled out big time for big-time players this past off-season, getting excellent players but also leaders. Develop the kids, too. Second, the playoffs just started. Let's allow ourselves to START to enjoy that, shall we?

  4. This key to this post is the fact they already have guys that can fill the role once Posada is done. Out of that bunch plus Cervelli I see them filling that hole for next to no $$ for years to come.

    I don't care if the playoffs are going on right now. I always enjoy talking about the future. A lot more so these past few years now that they are developing young talent.

    And plus...I would rather have Carl Crawford. ;)