Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Game 147: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (With Update(s) On Jorge's Suspension)

Tonight will be the final time the Yankees and Blue Jays meet this season. After this, the Jays are free to sail off into oblivion as they only play one series against a team who even factors into the playoff race for the rest of the year. This should give them some extra time to figure out how to discretely kill Vernon Wells or figure out some other way to take his horrific contract off the books. The Yankees, on the other hand, can focus on things like winning the division and setting themselves up for the postseason.

The Yankees will face Brian Tallet for the third time this year. In the first two meetings he made solid showings, allowing two earned runs in six innings each time but took a loss and a no-decision in those two. His most recent outing was not as successful performance-wise, allowing 5 runs in 5 innings on 8 hits and 3 walks, but he walked away with the win because Sergio Mitre and a terrible Yankees defense gave up 11 runs against him.

Instead of drawing Andy Pettitte as was originally intended, Tallet will be facing Chad Gaudin. The versatile righty has made four relief appearances and three starts since coming over from the Padres. Each of those starts has come against a team he has played for in the past; Oakland, Toronto & Tampa Bay and tonight will obviously be no different.

When he squared off with the Blue Jays earlier this month, he allowed 3 runs in 3.2 IP. He had worked three scoreless innings before running to a snag in the 4th where he gave a walk, three singles and a HBP before Alfredo Aceves come on to get the final out.

Gaudin's last start was markedly better, throwing six innings of one run ball against the Rays last Tuesday. He's functioning on long rest, but has been used irregularly ever since joining the team and it hasn't seemed to affect him either positively or negatively.

With the lefty Tallet on the mound, Johnny Damon will get the night off and will be replaced by Jerry Hairston. Even though no word has come down from the MLBPA in regards to Jorge Posada's suspension, Jose Molina will catch tonight, in a pretty transparent attempt by Joe Girardi to diffuse any tensions that might have carried over from last night's skirmish. Update 5:20PM: Via PeteAbe Double Update 6:22PM: Both Jorge Posada and Jesse Carlson have been suspended 4 games and fined $3,000, not $30,000 as orginally reported. Via SportsCenter, By not contesting the suspension, Posada's has been reduced to 3 games.

As a result, Jose Molina will do the catching tonight. The 4 suspension carries less weight for a position player (Posada) than a pitcher (Carlson) meaning the MLB found Jorge to be more at fault for the incident, which I can't really take issue with.

The games between the Yankees and the Blue Jays have been extra contentious ever since the "HA!" episode in June of '07. Since then, the Yanks have dominated the series 30-20 and lead this year 11-6. So let's hope all goes peacefully tonight and the Yanks can move on with the season and leave the unpleasantness of last night and the Blue Jays behind as they move on to bigger and better things.

Leave your stepping stones behind,
Something calls for you.
Forget the dead you've left,
They will not follow you.


  1. Via Pete Abe, 4 games and $30,000 for Posada. Could have been worse

  2. I was prepared for worse than that in terms of games. By MLB standards, I think that's a fairly large fine, but that's chump change to Jorge.

    Count your blessings and enjoy the weekend off Jorge.