Friday, June 12, 2009

"the MT curse?"

John Henry came up with a new one on Twitter last night...
the MT curse?
Oh, I get it, you sniveling douche... It's the curse of Mark Teixeira!

#1 - Why is John Henry on Twitter? Doesn't he have a comely lass with luminescent locks colored like the deepest of night to tend to? The fact that he has a Twitter account (with a fucking caricature for an image, no less) really speaks to the kind of ego this guy has. "Draw ME a picture of ME. No, make the eyes more beady! Exxxcellent! Now I can pair this with an endless amount of personal updates about where I am eating dinner, whine about pitchers hitting MY players, or dispel rumors about what things I plan to buy with MY untold fortunes!"

#2 - How does this necessitate a curse, exactly? Every player who ever turned down more money than the Red Sox were offering (which, oh by the way, almost never happens) means the team they sign with is cursed? How about the Curse of Johnny Damon or the Curse of A-Rod? It's all bullshit, but at least those two make some sort of sense.

It's funny to me that there is still all this whining coming out of Boston about not getting Teixeira despite the fact that Youkilis is having an outstanding season, the Sox are 8-0 against the Yanks and are in first place by two games. Imagine if they were floundering and Youk was hitting like Papi?

The fact remains that the reason Boston didn't offer as much for Teix is because they didn't need him as badly. They have a great first baseman in tha Youkstah. Stop acting like jilted lovers, you guys dated for like a week.


  1. If you guys are going to be correcting everyone else's grammar maybe you should clean your own kitchen first. I am so sick of reading typos in your posts. Also, John Henry > The Steinbrenners. I wish Hank would talk to the press more. It seems like he has been quiet lately. Maybe he could talk about his feelings regarding the DH seeing as Interleague play is upon us again. Fucking moron.

  2. Way to go ignoring the fact that he posted right after that "Does anyone really believe in curses except Dan?" Another fine report brought to you by the boneheads at fackyouk!

  3. Egotistical owner? Pot, meet kettle. You should get along famously.

  4. Anonadouche - If you are sicking of reading typos, then maybe you should stop reading. We would all be better off. Do you want me to pull your "poem" out and [sic] it? It looked like it was written by a six year old.

    I wasn't painting Henry as someone who actually believed in curses, so I really don't care that he said that after being questioned about it. The fact that he even said that on a public Twitter feed speaks volumes as to how much of a asshat he is.

    Nick - When was the last time you heard any quotes from Hank? As unintentially hilarious as it would be, I don't believe he has a Twitter feed, unfortunately.

  5. I wish George had a Twitter feed, unfortunately he died 20 years ago

  6. Come on man, have some respect...

    He died six years ago.

  7. Jay, seriously man, how late did you stay up last night?

    I don't think he is "sicking of" anything. Also, it is spelled "unintentionally".

  8. Here's to my squad of pro bono editors!

    It's the comment section, I don't ereally caer fi i misssspeleel isht. Funny that you can still tell exactly what I was trying to say though, isn't it?

  9. I just stumbled upon this blog today st say I'm shocked. Jay, you're juvenile parlance appalls me.
    Perhaps you were never taught the way to treat a fellow human being and for that I'm sorry for you.
    I hope you learn to open your heart and understand those you seem to have low tolerance for, people with 'lesser'intelligence. God created us all equal. I hope you learn your lesson before it's too late. I was a Yankees fan until are an embarrassment. May the power of Christ Compel You!

    God Bless Red Sox Nation

  10. Sister,
    As a religious scholar you should know that only God can judge us. In light of that I hope you step on an antitank landmine you skank bitch.

    Fuck the Red Sox!!

  11. You're right, there could not be an MT curse and it's silly for the owner of a team to be talking like that.

    The AR curse has been in effect for years. Teams can only have one active curse going at a time.

    Fuck the Yankees and MT.


  12. Red Sox Fan6/13/09, 7:18 AM

    Red Sox are better than the Yankees and papi is hitting great. It's so obvious that the Red dSox are better than the yankees, I don't get why you fans try to sugarcoat it!