Monday, May 4, 2009

Comment Of The Day

I've seen friends of the blog Jason from IIATM,S and Craig from Shysterball do this on occassion, and it is with great pleasure that I pull this comment from longtime reader mmb1980, from my earlier post about A-Rod and Swine Flu. In it, I asked you folks which of those two things you thought were more annoying. He responds:

I've had enough of A-Rod, I've had enough Selena Roberts, and I've had enough Girardi's characteristically contrived reaction to both.

I've never particularly liked A-Rod, so the fact that I'm even feeling a tinge of human sympathy for him at this point leads me to believe that Roberts and her publisher have overplayed their hand.

At this point for me, A-Rod has entered what Bill Simmons refers to as "The Tyson Zone" - you can tell me anything about him at this point, however outrageous, and I wouldn't reject it out of hand.

What does bother me amongst these newest allegations is the pitch-tipping thing. I don't care if the games were decided are not - if the allegations are true those actions are inexecusable, wholly selfish, and taken with blatant disregard for his teammates. But yet, not surprising.

Meanwhile, Selena Roberts may be well-respected in journalistic circles, but it's just as easy to believe she has her own agenda as it is to believe the charges she levies against A-Rod. Also, I think that it's been a conflict of interest having her SI colleague Tom Verducci sit on the MLBN panel both times she's appeared there for special sit downs.

There's also the issue of MLBN getting two exclusive sit downs with her on this topic, while MLB is actively investigating A-Rod.

As for the swine flu - I've had just about enough of that as well. At the risk of brining religion into the discussion, I went to mass yesterday. There was a 50-something married couple sitting in front of me. The husband reluctantly shook my hand during the rite of peace only to be immediately rebuked by his wife: "We're not shaking hands, remember!". Then she proceeded to give me a fist bump. Seriously. I was stupified. Having been sufficiently whipped by the old ball and chain, the husband sheepishly asked me "You haven't been to Mexico lately have you?"

Wow. So much taking part in a basic act of fellowship. People that concerned about it oughta just put on their hazmat suits and hole up in their plastic bubbles until the whole thing blows over.

FWIW I'm sick of hearing about the economy too. Enough rambling from me; gotta finish some work so I can drive 90 minutes to go sit in the rain at the Stadium.
Well said on the A-Rod/Selena Roberts stuff, and that story about mass is absolutley astonishing. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the game, mmb. 

I love the fact that we've got some really smart people sharing very thoughtful opinions on a site as flippantly named as this one. It's easy to do. If you don't have a blogger account, just pick "Name/URL" where it asks you to select a profile and leave the URL blank if you don't have a site you want to link to. There is an option to comment anonymously, obviously, but if you don't want to use your real name, I would prefer if you just created a temporary nom de plume.  

Sometimes the comments on the site are extensive and well-informed like the one above, and many times they are short and funny. I get an email sent to me when one is left, so I read all of them and respond pretty frequently. Comments help make this and every site what it is and they are always appreciated. 

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