Friday, April 10, 2009

Which One? Or None?

At the beginning of last year, I very nearly bought an authentic Robinson Cano home jersey. I'm pretty happy with my decision. Robby put up a .305 on-base last year and had an OPS+ of 86, making him hardly the guy whose number you wanted on your back. I sort of have the itch to buy a jersey again this year. Never had an authentic baseball jersey. Never asked for one when I was a kid and I've never got around to buying one for myself.

There aren't too many jerseys I'd even consider. Obviously not A-Rod, still don't really like AJ Burnett, Sabathia isn't really my style (or maybe I'm a racist), everyone has a Jeter jersey, it sounds like the Yanks might trade Chein Ming Wang, about 8 years too late on Posada, ditto for Andy Pettitte, Matsui doesn't seem right, Nady and Damon are in contract years...

So who does that leave? Mariano falls under the Pettitte and Posada category. Love the guy, but it's a little late. Swisher? I like the guy but I'm don't trust him enough quite yet. Brett Gardner... Fuck no, I'd rather inviest in Bear Stearns. It's just Teixeira, Cano and Joba. Let's break them down:

#62 Joba Chamberlain: Two years ago this would have been the choice. When Joba shot through the minors and became the most electric set-up guy the Yankees have probably ever had, that was the time to do it. When everyone else was still figuring out whether it was "Joe-bah" or "Jah-bah". Then, not now.

#24 Robinson Cano: I'm glad I didn't buy it last year, or when he was #22, because that is not the number you want on your back anymore. I never liked Clemens, but you'd be better off putting a "69" on the back of your jersey. People would probably respect your judgement more than if you had #22.

Anyway, now seems like a good time to grab a #24. He's coming off a bad year, and although the price isn't going to reflect it, you feel like you are buying low.

#25 Mark Teixeira: Big Teix. I'm not going to lie, the fact that Baltimore fans boo him makes me like the guy even more. He's with the Yanks for 8 years pretty much no matter what. He's well rounded, making sick defensive plays and can mash behind the plate. This is the one I'm leaning towards. (If you bought an authentic Giambi jersey, you really lucked out)


What say you, fair commenters? Cano or Teixeira? Pinstripes or Road Grays? Should I even buy a jersey? Ladies, is it pathetic for a 24+ year old dude (hope to have it for a while) to wear a baseball jersey to a game? I need your help!


  1. Sexy Texy all the way, baby. Guy is a stud.

  2. I would go with Teix. He will be there until you are 33, cant be sure of that with Cano and if something does happen, someone else is going to be #25, can't say the same for #62.

    I would go for the stripes and down the line if you decide to get another one go with the away.

    I got the Jeter pinstripes and have been wanting the Mattingly away since I was like 8 and think this year I may pull the trigger on that.

  3. Tex for sure. Although you could be like Kevy Kev and rock the Cody Ransom...

    I continue to rock the Bernie replica.

  4. Also, with #24 you can still represent Tino. And The Big Rube.

  5. I'd probably go with Tex, mostly due to the length of contract but also the abilty level. I'd like to say Cano, but who knows where or what he'll be in a couple years. I also rock a Bernie replica; can't go wrong with the classics.

  6. I'd go for Tex, I think your best bet. I have an authentic 22 Cano jersey and it has sat in my drawer for a while, and will definitely stay there. This is the ONE time I will regret buying a Yankees jersey without the name on it!!! No way I will ever be caught dead in what could be seen as a Clemens jersey!!!

  7. Sounds like there is a consensus developing...

  8. I got a Jeter away last year with both patches from last season but am thinking about getting a Mo pinstripe this year. Something about that #42 on the pinstripes gets me.

  9. I agree with Cliff--nothing wrong with the timeless classic Mo jersey.

  10. Personally, Mo is the only yanks jersey i would get with the name on it. We here at Fack Youk don't see color but I am told Jackie Robinson did some very important things, just want people to know who your reppin'.

  11. Just reminded myself, my brother has that Mo jersey so i should probably get on with the stealing of it.

  12. I always rock #24. Rickey Henderson days and then Tino. You can always rock a retired #- though rocking a # 3,4,5, or 7 on a new jersey looks retarded. I also rock the #21 for Paulie- that will never be topped in my opinion- Hal- retire that number already. #44 is a must have too- the late 70s- 80s jerseys are pretty similar.

    I prefer the away jersey. New York on the chest says it all. And the banded sleeves are a better look- as to the open home jersey. I believe that Russells are similar to the new Majestics.

    No way on Joba, agreed on #24, and Tex is locked in for years- though it has some lingering Giambinoness.

    Mo is the move in my opinion. Nobody will ever wear 42 again. So some jerk will never mistake it.

  13. Hahaha- HowFresh, I knew it was only a matter of time before you weighed in, man. Mo is certainly in the discussion.

    I will have weigh my decision on the drive home. You will know I made my decision when the poof of smoke emerges from my 99 Mercury Sable. Actually, there might be a few of those...

  14. very timely church reference

    Tex is your best option

  15. Try to get a blank jersey and reserve judgment for later. You should be able to get a blank for considerably less and the home numbers are very easy to get and cheap. Nowadays authentic jerseys are way OD.