Friday, April 10, 2009

Game 4: Fat Sid Gets His

It's payback time.

Sidney Ponson has appeared in 21 games for the Yankees (18 starts), made it through 96.1 innings and gave up 71 runs for an ERA of 6.66 (MARK OF THE BEAST). The message is clear. Sidney Ponson must be the sacrficial lamb today.

The Yankees players have had to stand idly by while he got ripped for 7 runs against his former team at the Stadium last year, again against the Red Sox in Fenway, and one more time against the Blue Jays in Toronto.


I turned to the only place I know to go for real raw, revenge music... Mobb Deep. They also enlisted Big Noyd and Ghostface to make sure Sid gets the message:

[For some reason it doesn't start up 'til 0:16]

What you gonna do when my whole crew is blazing at you?
Wit macs and tecs to lend to get your dome crush,
You thought that you could come around my way, you big stupid fuck,
What the hell you smoking, what the fuck possessed you,
To come out your face, now I have to wet you,
Throw on my tims, black mask and black serpent,
Twist a n---a cap, then jump in the J-30.

1 comment:

  1. I never knew it was possible to hate Aruban Sid this much. At least you didn't rock him in his face and stab his brain with his nose bone. That might have a bit too much.