Monday, April 13, 2009

I Think We Know Whose Fault This Is

Do you think that A-Rod knew Wang would be shown on TV and therefore moved over so as to insert himself into the shot? The guy does love to be the center of attention...

58 pitches... 3 outs. That's not gonna do it.

The line above is actually not accurate.

After that Carlos Pena grand slam served up by Albaladejo, it's 8 ER in 1+IP.


It's 10-0 as of now (8:40), so if you hang in there and watch the rest of the game, you are a better fan than I tonight.


  1. I have Wang on my Fantasy team. His ERA tonight was 72.00. If that's not bad enough, my league also counts earned runs. His WHIP was 9.00. At least I got 1 K out of it!

  2. God... that is brutal. Hopefully you guys are playing are week to week.

  3. Sorry yo, Wang was wong. But on a better note, I have Swisher on my fantasy team and this line:

    1.0IP 0H 0ER 1BB 1SO 0.00ERA 2.00WHIP

    is baby, pure