Saturday, April 11, 2009

Game 5: Redemption Song

Tonight, the Big CCheese is back on the hill and he's got one more chance to put up a solid start before coming back to the New Yankee Stadium, where at least some of the inhabitants might be slightly less understanding of his shortcomings. Sabathia is looking to right the ship after his shaky start down and Baltimore and maybe, you know, record a strikeout this time. Fellow lefty Andy Pettitte certainly had his way with the Royals last night, throwing seven innings, striking out six and only allowing three hits and a walk, if you like to read into that kind of stuff.

On the mound for the Royals is yet another lefty, Horacio Ramirez. He faced the Yankees twice in 2007, once throwing six and a third innings of one run ball while I was driving back to the city, listening on the radio thinking to myself "who the fuck is this guy again?". The next time, he gave up three runs in 5 2/3, which is pretty much what you would expect from a dude with a 4.59 career ERA.

Due to the magic of scheduling posts, I'm probably still on the golf course right now, and won't be around to drum up any action for a game thread. So, just chill out, listen to the words of encouragement Bob Marley has for our starter tonight, and enjoy the contest: