Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Game 15: Live Chat

Alright folks, we are going to try this Live Chatting business again. It's a 1:00 start today, matching up the highest paid pitcher in the history of baseball against some dude from Oakland with 13 career innings pitched. But as we all know, nothing in baseball is a forgone conclusion.

In honor of what projects to be our first Live Chat, and the fact that it's another afternoon getaway game, here is a live version of Key To The Highway by none other than Mr. Eric Clapton:
I got the key to the highway,
Billed out and bound to go.
I'm gonna leave here running,
Walking is most too slow.

I'm going back to the border
Woman, where I'm better known.
You know you haven't done nothing,
Drove a good man away from home.

Oh, when the moon peeks over the mountains
I'll be on my way.
I'm gonna roam this old highway
Until the break of day.


  1. Left handed rookies who the Yankees have never faced before...Could be a long afternoon.

  2. Yeah it seems like it always takes them a while to figure a rookie out.

  3. OK, just tuning in: 7-7 tie, bases loaded, no one out, and Jeter got them go-ahead runs twice so far. is that about right?

  4. Sorry I missed the live blog. I watched by my poor little self!

  5. Aww, She-Fan. Stop by next time, you might have been the deciding vote on the decision to purchase a quesadilla maker!