Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remember [Non-Sports]

I'm pretty sure yesterday was my first day without writing a post since New Year's. I wish it was because I stopped burning the candle from both ends for a day and finally got some sleep, or that I was away on a business trip.

Nope. Early last Wednesday morning, the world lost a good dude, and yesterday we said our goodbyes. My best friend's brother only had 29 years of this awesome thing we call life. He was one of the few people I know who liked music more than I do. Whether he was messing with Fruity Loops, playing the drums, or DJing I think he was at his happiest getting washed up in the sound waves of a thumping jam.

Besides being Yankee fans, we shared some other hobbies that I'm not going to mention in this space, but let's just say that yesterday morning, one of his best friends twirled one up using nothing but the finest, cut it in half, and while nobody was looking, slipped Dave a little something to camp on with St. Pete at The Pearly Gates.

It always seemed like you were searching for something, man. In a really abstruse and painful way for everyone else, you might have found it.

In the book Into The Wild, Jon Krakauer talks about how, by pushing himself to climb more and more dangerous mountain faces and "peering over the ledge of death", he had hoped to gain some amazing insight into life. DJ Dangerous Dave wasn't climbing actual mountains, but he certainly caught a couple glimpses of what was over that ledge.

You slept late, but were always up for a lively conversation. You had your problems, but who the fuck doesn't? It's just that usually, people get another chance.

Not sure if you liked this song or not, but it would take me all night to find something more appropriate.

"If you ever feel so sad,
And the whole world is driving you mad
Remember, remember, today

And don't feel sorry
'Bout the way it's gone
And don't you worry
'Bout what you've done

R.I.P. David Lawrence Sampson
[May 6, 1979-January 21, 2009]


  1. It is a stretch for me to hop onto a Yankees blog site with good intentions but in this case, it's only fitting.

    Jay, I want to take a moment to say "thank you" from my family. Speaking for only myself, a typical blog squatter, I don’t know that anyone of the family members could have done such justice to poignantly placing a period at the end of David’s life story. You captured that nuance of repartee that David would have found great pleasure in reading, and subsequently more pleasure in responding to.

    We thank you, I thank you.


    The Other Brother

    - Bruce

  2. Thanks Bruce, I really appreciate the kind words. It was the least I could do. Sorry that it's a little coarse; I wasn't really thinking about who was ultimatley going to read it.

    Fittingly, the post went up at 2AM, which was right about Dave's time of day.