Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pettitte's New Contract Breakdown

I just thought I would throw down the particulars of Pettitte's new contract for those interested. This information was borrowed (stolen) from Cot's Baseball Contracts which is an awesome site. The whole site is basically a breakdown of pretty much every player's contract from every team, including minor league contracts.

1 year/$5.5M (2009)

  • re-signed by NY Yankees as a free agent 1/26/09
  • $4.5M in performance bonuses: $0.5M each for 150, 160, 170 IP; $0.75M each for 180, 190, 200, 210 IP
  • $2M in roster bonuses: $0.1M for 120 days on active 25-man roster; $0.2M for 130 days; $0.25M each for 140, 150 days; $0.4M each for 160, 170, 180 days

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