Thursday, January 8, 2009

Miiiiiiichael Kay, Is On The Radio Today

I keep a car on the Upper West Side, and since I don't have $600 a month to squander on a parking spot, I have to park it on the street. Since I work typical hours (how I miss you, online poker), I have to move the car 4 days a week to dodge street cleaning, three of those being after work. It's worth it for me because it allows me to pop out to Jersey and play some golf when the weather is nice, and makes weekend trips a whole lot more convenient. Sometimes, however, it takes forever to get a spot and it's really annoying.

Occasionally, when my iPod FM transmitter decides not to work, I'll throw on the radio and listen to The Michael Kay Show. For those outside of the New York market, or without an interest for ESPN radio, Mr. Kay has a four hour (yes, FOUR hour) radio show on 1050AM from 3-7pm on weekdays. I don't really mind him as the Yankees play by play guy, and during the baseball season his radio show is good to listen to if you are a Yankee fan.

Well today (not during the baseball season), I was about an hour into my quest for a parking spot when my FM transmitter went AWOL, and I flipped on 1050 just in time to hear Michael start talking about the Brewers' acquisition of Trevor Hoffman. I'm going to do my best to paraphrase what he said. Being that this was about an hour ago, and I may have temporarily blacked out from rage, it may not be completely accurate. But here is the gist it:

"What are the Brewers thinking signing Trevor Hoffman? This guy…
Actually, pop quiz! Is Michael going to say:

  1. Is not a good pitcher anymore
  2. Is going to be 41 this year
  3. Can't throw his fastball over 85mph, thereby negating the value of his out pitch, the change up
  4. Is not worth $6M plus $1.5M in incentives at this point in his career

Well if you said any of those things, you are wrong, because he said…

"The guy is not a clutch pitcher. He's blown every big game he's been in [lists off several postseason games, most against the Yankees, and the 2006 All-Star game]. I mean, he played for the Padres, so he's a guy that can get you saves in the regular season when there isn't really any pressure on him. But if there is anything on the line, the guy is terrible."
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? There are so many valid reasons to criticize this signing, why do you have to fall back on clutchiferousness? In addition to the multiple choices I listed above, here are a few other reasons that I looked up after I stopped yelling at the car radio, finally found a parking spot and got back to my apartment.

  • Over the last three years he has pitched successively fewer innings to an increasingly high ERA
  • Is averaging less than one IP per appearance for each of the last six years
  • Allowed his highest HR/9IP since his 3rd year in the league (which was 1995)
And also, you know what team probably isn't going to have too many meaningful, pressure packed games this regular season? The Milwaukee Brewers. So maybe it makes sense after all.


  1. Um, starting Monday it is going to be a 5 hour show.

    Good luck with that 1050.

    I do like Kay's willingness to criticize the Yankees especially in game, but I don't know anyone that could take him for 5 hours

  2. Unholy Jesus, that is a bad idea.

  3. One great comment from the Baseball Think Factory link we got:

    Mariano Rivera?!?!? Terrible extension! This guy has blown so many huge games; you can't possibly count on him in a clutch spot! I mean, he plays for the Yankees so you can count on 40 saves easy in the regular season protecting three run leads, but he's blown almost every big spot he's ever been in! Remember, game tying homer to Sandy Alomar in the 1997 ALDS...SANDY ALOMAR! Pathetic! Of course, Game 7 of the World Series, the biggest spot you can have, he gives up a game tying hit to Tony Womack. Are you kiding? The only Game 7 World Series of his career and he blows it because he can't get out Tony Womack...of course, this was after he completely fell apart and threw the ball into centerfield. Then Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS with a trip to the world series on the line, the guy couldn't get out Kevin Millar, for chrissakes. Awful, it's like nobody's been paying attention. Of course, no one remembers that he ALSO blew Game 2 of the division series that year against the Twins, oh, and I love this...after he blows that save against the Red Sox, he comes out and blows the save the NEXT DAY! I MEAN, JASON VARITEK"?!?!!? You can't keep HIM in the infield? How many other games has he blown against the Red Sox? Remember when he yelled at Kenny Lofton for not catching a game tying hit? This guy is not a good teammate and not a clutch performer.

    Mariano Rivera should have his children taken away!

    /Michael Kay

  4. And another, listing Trevor Hoffman's actual postseason record:

    96 DS 2 Tie -> Loss
    96 DS 3 Tie -> Loss
    98 DS 1 Lead -> Save
    98 DS 1 Tie -> Loss
    98 DS 2 Lead -> Save
    98 DS 3 Lead -> Save
    98 CS 1 Lead -> Blown Save
    98 CS 3 Lead -> Save
    98 WS 3 Lead -> Blown Save, Loss
    06 DS 2 Lead -> Save