Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bronx View (Act Now And It's Yours For $0)

Last night I wrote a post ripping ESPN radio for the terrible commercials on their online stream. It made me wonder why I still listen to it at all...

[Infomercial voice]
  • Do you find yourself wanting to strangle Colin Cowherd?
  • Turned off by Max Kellerman's smarmy assertions?
  • Think Cwhis Wusso's a weetawd?
  • Not too confident in Mike Francesa's sauces?
  • Like the Yankees, but think Michael Kay is a dummy?
We'll then you won't believe what I have in store for you!!1!!1!

[Turns off infomercial voice]

There are good alternatives to ESPN radio (or WFAN) out there, even if they don't stream all day long. The Bronx View podcast gives you about an hour of quality objective Yankee analysis roughly every two weeks during the offseason and once a week or more from April to October. Scott and Ian are two guys who can talk intelligently about all things Yankees without annoying you with the kind of ego it takes to usurp a prime-time sports talk radio slot.

The latest edition includes analysis of what Andy Pettitte means to the rotation, reactions to Joe Torre's new book, projecting the AAA rotation, and a 15 minute segment on Brad Ausmus. (One of those is not true).

The best part?

No commercials!

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