Thursday, May 13, 2010

Redding To Scranton

Good morning Fackers. As we mentioned yesterday, the recent spat of injuries and Tuesday's rainout have forced the Yankees to ravage their AAA roster. Romulo Sanchez was recalled in advance of his start Friday, forcing Kei Igawa to make a spot start. Ivan Nova was recalled in advance of his start Monday, forcing Amuary Sanit to make a spot start. Like the big club, a Tuesday rainout forced Scranton to play two yesterday, further fouling up the starting rotation, and they had to do it without Juan Miranda and Jonathan Albaladejo, both sequestered in Detroit in the event the Yankees needed them. Since Saturday the Yankees have also recalled Greg Golson and Kevin Russo, the only healthy players on Scranton's roster with experience in center field.

All of which is the long way of saying the Scranton roster is fairly decimated at this point. That knowledge should put the following news in context and soften the blow for you a bit: the Yankees have signed pitcher Tim Redding to a minor league contract.

Before you freak out, remember it's a minor league deal. This should end up little more than a footnote come season's end. Redding will provide some much-needed depth to the Scranton staff right now. That said, it's worth noting that Redding, who was released from the Rockies' AAA affiliate just yesterday morning, not only signed quickly, but passed up offers from the Dodgers (who are having some Major League depth issues) and from Korea. That Redding signed with the Yankees, so quickly and with other offers on the table, leads me to believe that he thinks he has a real opportunity with the Yankees or that he has an out clause.

Redding was Yankee property once before, acquired from San Diego along with Darrell May in exchange for what was left of Paul Quantrill in early July 2005. That season might have marked the low point of the Yankees' mid-decade dearth of quality starting pitching. When Chien-Ming Wang went on the DL with a shoulder injury two weeks after the deal, the Yankees brought up Redding to make a start in Fenway Park. It was an unmitigated disaster.

Redding completed just one inning, facing three batters in the second. His final line included four hits, six runs, all earned, and four walks. About the nicest thing that could be said is that he recorded two of his outs via strikeout. His trade-mate Darrell May relieved him and proceeded to pour gas on the fire, as the game ended a lopsided 17-1 Red Sox victory. Neither Redding nor May would appear as Yankees again; both were removed from the roster within days.

I feel a bit hypocritical even bringing that start up after I've spent the better part of this year railing against those that hold 2004 against Javier Vazquez. The difference, I suppose, is that Vazquez had a very good first half as a Yankee; Redding's disaster start represents the entirety of his Yankee career. Further, Vazquez has been a successful pitcher in the intervening years; Redding hasn't.

Either way, I'm belaboring the point. Redding is a good depth signing for Scranton. If he appears in the Bronx at all this year the Yankees will have far bigger problems than worrying about his start from five years ago.

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  1. Stultus Magnus5/13/10, 9:45 AM

    Not that it makes much of a difference, but those two Ks were Ortiz and Ramirez. Pretty cool. Redding's from my hometown, so even though it all fell apart, I thought it was pretty cool that he struck out the big scary guys.