Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Linkaroo

Joe West says these links are "pathetic and embarassing", but Mariano Rivera thinks they are fine they way they are:
Moshe from TYU offers detailed explanation from a scout of Curtis Granderson's new "handset". Click through for the breakdown and the pictures. I'm guessing this is something Curtis and Kevin Long worked on this offseason.

Speaking of The Grandy Man", it appears that John Sterling has a new home run call for him. Instead the obscure reference to Finian's Rainbow he used on Sunday night, during Wednesday's game he busted out the Sammy Davis Jr. homage instead. Glad to see that Sterling came to his senses, relatively speaking, of course.

Larry from Wezen-Ball's quest to time every home run trot this year rolls on, although it may have hit a few bumps yesterday.

Jeff Passan responds to Jonah Keri's optimistic rebuttal to Jeff's original piece on the Rays on Yahoo on Does that make sense? It's less confusing if you just click the first link.

Bloomberg sports offers a fantasy-centric AL East Preview.

Here's another article on Tom Tango and his role with the Blue Jays like the one I linked to a while back, except this one focuses more on his anonymity than anything else.

Yesterday Craig Calcaterra got some interesting information from a source about the allegations of collusion being levied by the Player's Association against the League. Teams are free to request information about a free agent from the league - Tango reproduces an image of that form - but Craig's guy (or gal) tells him that very similar offers are being received almost simultaneously. It's going to be hard to prove that the owners are actually comparing notes, but Craig thinks they Union might actually file a grievance this time around.

It's been one year since Nick Adenhart was killed in a car crash. Craig ponders the hardest part of any loss: the return to normalcy.

JJ over at Masters of WAR tries to quantify just how good the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant All-Star Softball Team really was. Well, not really, because it was a cartoon, but you know what I mean.

I'll bet you didn't know that Billy Wagner was an alpaca farmer. I didn't, anyway.

The Fightins are not pleased that they used the Rocky music for David Wright's new commercial with The Situation from The Jersey Shore. I see their point but it's a pretty funny montage nonetheless.

Beyond the Box Score dusts off their power rankings for the first time this year. Instead of the typical arbitrary order most major site put them in, BtB bases theirs on the statistics they have compiled thus far this season. That's why the Yanks are in 5th.

And this has nothing to do with baseball, but give the special guests we have been introducing to our WPA graphs, it's almost kind of relevant. Regardless, it's pretty fucking awesome.


  1. David Wright and "The Situation" using the theme from "Rocky" -- especially since the Phillies recently proved that they, not the Braves, are the Mets' real rivals -- is even dumber than the Red Sox using the music of N'Yawker Neil Diamond. Maybe they should switch from "Sweet Caroline" to "September Morn," to remind them of all those Pennant-race games in which they've choked.

    Do I mean the Mets or the Red Sox? Does it matter?

  2. Philly fans get way too worked up over all things "Rocky." It's David Wright smacking The Situation in the stomach with a bat - it's funny, the end! "Sweet Caroline" at Fenway, however, always sucks.

  3. Regarding Grandy's HR call, Sterls used both the Finian's Rainbow reference and the 'Grandy Man Can' during the last game - one right after the other (as opposed to just the latter). I don't think he's going to bow to pressure that easily!

  4. Oh, and I have no problem with the Sawx using a song about pedophilia as their eight inning crowd pleaser. I find it fitting somehow.