Friday, April 16, 2010

Double Triples

Good morning, Fackers. We're going to start off this Friday with some fun stuff we found by digging through Baseball-Reference's Play Index. Basically, we are going to go Jayson Stark on your asses for a moment.

Last night, Curtis Granderson notched the first and second triples of his young Yankee career, the first down the right field line off Scott Kazmir in the 4th inning and the second a deep fly to right center off of Brian Stokes in the following inning.
They say triples are the most exciting play in baseball and I can't argue with that. Granderson is going to have a tough time legging out too many of them in Yankee Stadium but if he can pick up 10 of them, he'd be the first Yankee to do it since Jerry Mumphrey in 1982. Keep chuggin', Curtis.


  1. Jason from The Heartland4/16/10, 10:49 AM

    Well Starked, Jay. Totally agree about Grandy, whose exploits in triplicate in 2007, including as you rightly say against the Yankees (I believe his multi-triple game was in that painful series in late August in Detroit that had me inching toward the ledge), spurred me to call a triple a Granderson. I've used it in both noun ("He belted a Granderson.") and verb ("He Grandersoned to right.") form.

    More and more, I love watching Granderson. My kind of player.

  2. Regarding the triples... can't believe I forgot about this.

    Last year Gardy had an inside the park HR and a triple in the same game. He got the triple DESPITE the fact that he FELL ON HIS FACE rounding first - otherwise he probably would have had two inside the parkers.

    The Yanks walked off on this win and it was part of that great May streak where they were walking off almost every night.

  3. I'll also add that Gardner only entered the game after Damon was ejected for arguing balls and strikes...

  4. Jimmy, great call. I can't believe forgot that either because I was AT THAT FUCKING GAME.

  5. Jason from The Heartland4/16/10, 12:21 PM

    No question, Jimmy. It was against the Twins, part of a good comeback culminating in a walk-off against Joe Nathan, and one of many against the Twins that series--3 I believe.

  6. There's something special about Curtis Granderson!