Monday, February 15, 2010

Lincoln's Links

Good morning, Fackers and happy President's Day. Here are a couple of quick links courtesy of ol' Honest Abe.

Anthony McCarron recently profiled two of the Yankee catchers in the Daily News. Jesus Montero in a long piece on Sunday and Francisco Cervelli in a shorter article today. Jason from Bronx Baseball Daily read between the lines of the piece on Montero and liked what he saw.

McCarron also reports that Brett Gardner has been working on his bunting in Tampa in order to better utilize his speed.

The Yankees are apparently scouting a Cuban shortstop by the name of Adeinis Hechavarria. River Ave. Blues has some videos of the 21 year old in action.

Steve from The Yankee U transcribed a portion of a radio interview with Dave Eiland in which he explains that Phil Hughes will not be subject to the same restrictions as Joba Chamberlain was last season. There will still be restrictions, just not as strict.

After looking specifically at Derek Jeter's power to right, Joe from River Ave. Blues broke down which Yankee hitters were most effective to right, center and left field.

Longtime Yankee trainer Gene Monahan is suffering from a "significant illness" and will miss his first Spring Training in 48 years. Get well soon, Gene.

Troy Patterson at the Hardall Times compared Johnny Damon and Curtis Granderson and found that they were similar offensively while Granderson had the advantage in terms of defense, speed, youth and probably value if/when Damon finally signs somewhere.


  1. There is an error in the link to Montero's article. Both links currently go to Cervelli's article. Here is the correct info for the Montero article.

  2. Thanks for the catch Anon. The link has been fixed