Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vazquez Trade Reactions

We posted our initial take on the deal earlier this morning, but here is a collection of what else is being said around these here internets about the acquisition of Javier Vazquez:
Will from IIATMS looks at what this might mean for the Yankees' defense. Aaron Gleeman from Circling the Bases asks a similar question.

Ben from River Ave. Blues revisits Vazquez's last time in the Bronx.

Joel Sherman was the first to name Vazquez as the target this morning and has an in-depth breakdown of the trade. He also explained that the Yankees valued a starting pitcher over a left fielder and are still looking to keep their payroll under $200M, meaning LF will likely be filled on the cheap. They are also planning to deal either Chad Gaudin or Sergio Mitre before spring training.

There are over 200 comments on the BBTF trade dedicated to the trade as well.

And some quick quotes, taken completely out of context:
Dave Cameron, FanGraphs: "The reaction to this deal on Twitter has not been kind to Atlanta, with most people concluding that the Yankees got Vazquez for peanuts. I’m not so sure."

Joe Posnanski: Sigh. The Yankees traded for Vazquez to be their NUMBER FOUR starter. And the Royals signed Jason Kendall to be their starting catcher.

Keith Law: "At this point, the Yankees now have a rotation close to that of the Red Sox, and they could very well enter 2010 a better team on paper than they were at the same time before 2009.

Peter Abraham, Boston Globe: "You knew this was coming. Once the Red Sox signed John Lackey, there was no way the Yankees would go into next season with a rotation of CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettitte and two question marks."

Jonah Keri, via Twitter: "To be fair to the #Braves, any time you can acquire dryer lint for one of the best SP in baseball, you gotta do it.

Tyler Kepner, via Twitter: "Yanks use 6 prospects to get Granderson and Vazquez, yet keep Hughes, Joba, Montero, Melancon, Romine, McAllister. Not bad."

Ben Kabak, River Ave. Blues: "As much as it strengthens the team’s rotation, it also weakens their outfield. The leftfield situation currently looks like a Brett Gardner/Jamie Hoffmann platoon, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence."

Rob Iracane, Walkoff Walk: "Let it be known that this guy (points to self) would rather have dismissed Nick Swisher, who cannot field his position, run the bases, or dress like a grown-up. But hey, Vazquez strikes out batters like it's his job (note: it is his job) so as a Yankees fan, I am pleased."

Satchel Price, Beyond the Box Score: "Considering what the Phillies landed for one year of Cliff Lee, arguably a superior pitcher, at a cheaper salary, I think that Atlanta got a pretty solid return for Vazquez, even if it doesn't include the impact bat that Atlanta sorely needs."

Kevin Kaduk, Big League Stew: "It's often been said that Vazquez is a pitcher that throws best when the expectations are low and his stats do back that up. "

Josh, Jorge Says No!: "Make no mistake about it though, if Vazquez can give the Yankees 200 IP with 190+ K's, and a 3.75 ERA, then there is no reason why he won't be able to win 15+ games with the Yankees the way this team is constructed."


  1. you forgot all the "but but but but but 2004!!!!!!!!" comments.

    Also, Pete Abe, you idiot, the Yankees' rotation needed to get better apart from the Red Sox signing anyone. Really. It doesn't have to do with OMG THE YANKEES NEED TO KEEP UP WITH THE RED SOX! Sigh.

  2. Hey Jay, you forgot Stop Making Sense's take in your wrap! I'll forgive it this time. Haha.

    Seriously, I'm pretty much on board with what you said in your post, but it's kinda sad saying goodbye to Melky, isn't it? I love that guy.

  3. It bums me out to lose Melky Cabrera and Arodys Vizcaino, who will probably become a very good player. Although, by the time he does, we will still have plenty of our own. We are always looking to win now and later, so it makes sense for NY not to be afraid to move young prospects. We DO have plnety of them, amazingly. I am likely in the minority who think this, but since NY (not me) is convinced that Gardner is not sufficient enough for LF, and we don't wish to go crazy with more money...it seems to me that we should give Xavier Nady a small offer. His tag will be low, and he has shown albeit briefly, that he can play in New York. Low risk, high reward? Let Nady and Gardner platoon to start the season, with the expectation that Nady eventually owns it when he is really back to 100%.

    Can someone tell me why this wouldn't be a smart move for the Yankees?

  4. Can someone tell me why this wouldn't be a smart move for the Yankees?

    YES! Because everything the Yankees do sucks the big one. Ozzie Guillen said himself Vasquez isn't a big game picther. When the pressure is on, Vasquez is EPIC FAIL!!! LOL! GOD BLESS MELKY THE BRAVE!!!!

  5. non-idiot anonymous12/22/09, 5:16 PM

    "Anonymous said...
    Can someone tell me why this wouldn't be a smart move for the Yankees?

    YES! Because everything the Yankees do sucks the big one. Ozzie Guillen said himself Vasquez isn't a big game picther. When the pressure is on, Vasquez is EPIC FAIL!!! LOL! GOD BLESS MELKY THE BRAVE!!!!"

    a. When they signed Tex, CC, and AJ last year and won the World Series... yup, that really sucked the big one. Stupid Yankees!
    b. Ozzie Guillen is known for his rationality and correct predictions, such as basically giving away Nick Swisher and saying the Phillies would win the WS in six games.
    c. Everyone loves a small sample size!
    c. D- for answering the actual question.

  6. show your face, Anonymous.

  7. Anyone check out Tim Marchman's article on SI?

    Seriously, from the first couple of paragraphs you'd think they Yankees just bought Jesus Christ to bolster their rotation. Gripes about the money (we traded for him) and claims Vazquez, and I quote, "ranks with the likes of Josh Beckett".

  8. We better sign Damon. I don't want Home Run Javy pitching to him!