Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quotes From Last Night: Game 5 Edition

A.J. Burnett: I just couldn't get the ball where I wanted to. Everything was up, I had no hook tonight and strike one is huge, especially against a lineup like that. You've got to get ahead and I didn't do that... It's just a matter of throwing strikes. You guys saw it — there's really no rest issue. I felt strong and felt great. I just didn't get it done... Oh, I mean, it's the worst feeling in the world. I let 25 guys down, I let the city down. Pretty much says it all.

Phil Coke: I want the ball again (in Game 6). That's the only thing I'm thinking about.

Joe Girardi
: If we would have pitched today, we probably would have won. That's the bottom line — A.J. struggled today. He felt good, he just struggled today. That's something that happens in the game of baseball... Those were tack-on runs that hurt us, obviously. We ended up with six runs tonight. We still had a chance in the ninth inning to possibly come back and tie it up or take the lead, but when you look back at it, those runs hurt us.

Derek Jeter: I can't do anything about it now. I would have loved to have gotten a hit, but it's over with. We're going home with an opportunity to win, so I like the position we're in. [...] We came here and played well. We won two out of three here and now we’ve got to come back and, I don’t know what today is but two days from now — Wednesday? — come out and hope we play a good game.

Kevin Kaduk, Big League Stew: So great of Jeter to take the Series back to NY to win it in front of the fans. Now that's a captain.

Shane Victorino: Two thumbs up, everyone. That's all you need to know. No broke, no fracture.

Mark Teixeira, on the final at bat of the game: He threw a fastball away first pitch — perfect pitch, got a strike. Threw three good changeups, I swung at two. [...] Every game's a new game. I'm just trying to chip in and help us win... I think I've done a lot to help this team win (in the postseason), and I'm going to do the same (Wednesday).

Charlie Manuel: I wanted to bring Madson in. I wanted to see how he goes, and I kind of wanted to just give Lidge a break tonight if I could.

Cliff Lee: Thankfully we scored a lot of runs. As far as my availability [for a potential Game 7], I'm available.

Brett Myers, to Cole Hamels: What are you doing here? I thought you quit.

Cole Hamels, in response to Brett Myers: What are you doing here? Shouldn't you still be in jail for beating your wife in public, you fucking scumbag? [Ed Note: I made that one up.]


  1. Can we all join hands and pray that Coke doesn't get the ball until next season?

    And I loved how Buck and McCarver were paying homage to how tough Victorino was all game long although he kept shaking his hand over and over again. And it wasn't even broken! His new name: "The cryin' Hawaiian"

  2. Glad Wutshizname (Rollins) isn't in this list. That man has said plenty

  3. Steve - Agreed on both counts. The only way Coke is getting the ball is if the Yankees are down by even more than they were tonight. He had a decent regular season but his tendency to give up the longball reared it's ugly head in the postseason as many predicted it would. Thankfully Damaso Marte has been successful so far.

    Anon - He didn't say anything dumb last night (for once) or else I would have included him. I used to like him from afar, but I've gotten incredibly sick of his act during the World Series. I'm sure Phillies fans are saying the same thing about Posada, though.