Friday, October 16, 2009

You Know You've Made It In Sports Blogging When...

...Someone takes the time to FJM one of your posts.

Click over and see the hopeless homers at Halos Heaven (of SB Nation, of the Internets) misinterpret what Matt was trying to say, make a misguided attempt at mocking the title of this site, and use "words" like "fallicy" to defend their hitting coach right fielder, Bobby Abreu.

Behold this brilliant analogy comparing Abreu's influence on the Angels to a math teacher:
Once agan it comes down to LUCK. Sure. If your kid comes home from school with better math grades and tells you it's because his teacher showed him a better way to solve the equation, are you going to tell him, "No, you've just had better luck".
This would make perfect sense if A) there were varying degrees to which you could solve an equation, B) the greatest mathematician who ever lived solved equations at a 50% clip, C) the person creating the equations was doing so with the intention of making them impossible to solve and D) the teacher was somehow also the child's classmate. But other than that, it's flawless. Bobby Abreu is Mr. Dewey. Got it.

They also put together an wildly unoriginal list of reasons they hate the Yankees which we would counter if Yankees fans cared enough about the Angels to hate them. Well okay, here's one:
  1. CHONE Figgins - I've never pronounced it "Shawn" and never will. Ch-ch-ch-ch-choke on that one, Figgins!
Just because the Red Sox aren't in the ALCS doesn't mean there can't be some animosity involved. Fuck the Angels... Wooohohohohohoo!!!


  1. "7. fans who don't know their team - if you ask them who their 2b is they have no idea"

    I'm pretty sure even casual Yankees fans know who Robinson Cano is...

    "11. everyone ignoring what the yankees were in the late '80s"

    Um. What, bad? I don't know too many fan bases that dwell on the fact that their team was shitty 20 years ago. And that's pretty rich coming from a team who made the playoffs exactly once from 1983-2001.

    That list is embarrassing. At least Red Sox fans could come up with something clever...

  2. Thanks for the link.
    I really do like your site and appreciate your humor. "Los Angeles Angels of Whatever The Fuck", that's classic.

    Here's to a great series-

  3. That blog is truly disgusting. It is the most unprofessional team blog I have seen. It is full of hate and stupid BS. Did you see their outrageous positional breakdown of the ALCS that contained absolutely no stats. I normally like reading opposing teams blogs during series, and I normally end up respecting the opposing fanbase, but these Angels fans know almost nothing about baseball.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Wi. Only right that we return the favor of linking to you guys while making fun of what you said.

    Let's hope the series is a good one, whichever way it goes. Here's to it.

  5. Here are the ones Anon didn't get to...

    1. Jeffrey Maier (1996 ALCS)
    Not the Yankees' fault

    2. "Holy crap! Let's panic, the yankees lost three in a row. they won't make the postseason" - ESPN
    Not the Yankees' fault

    3. King George

    The III?

    4. self righteous fans (the ones below)
    Not unique to the Yankees

    5. fans who don't know their team- only follow because 'jeter is cute'
    Hating on hot chicks? Sounds a little gay to me.

    6. fans who don't know their team -only follow because they win
    Angels attendance in 2001 (Pre WS Win) - 2,000,919
    Angels attendance in 2003 (Post WS win) - 3,061,094
    Methinks there are some fairweather fans out in LA as well

    8. their wag (and who they are having an affair with) get as much attention as the team
    Untrue. Also not the Yankees fault.

    9. fox
    I thought it was ESPN. Also not the Yankees fault. And does this dude have a fucking operational SHIFT KEY with which he could make some CAPITAL LETTERS?

    10. tbs/fox/espn trying to suck up the yankees money (or trying to steal YES money)
    You hate the Yankees because people are trying to steal their money?
    /bangs head on keyboard

  6. Well Steve, you really outdid yourself this time. Nice work.

  7. SB Nation is pretty terrible all around. These guys are even worse.