Friday, October 23, 2009

Today In Headlines That Shouldn't Need To Be Written

Jon DeLessio over at The Sports Section at New York Magazine would like to talk you down from a metaphorical ledge. His hostage negotiation tactics include A) comparing 2009 A-Rod to 2004 David Ortiz, B) saying that the homefield advantage is somehow better this time although both teams went (57-24) at home, and C) pointing out that CC Sabathia would start a Game 7 should it be necessary. Guess which one of these is a valid point. If you said C, congratulations, you may be a rational person!

The problem is that the people who are standing on said ledge are not going to be talked down from it.
If you've given up on this series after one loss, you're a special kind of pathetic. That's the kind of fatalism reserved for Red Sox, Cubs and Mets fans.

Here are some reasons that this year, even if the worst case scenario comes to fruition, isn't 2004:
  1. The deficit wasn't 3-0
  2. These aren't the Red Sox
  3. This isn't 5 years ago
  4. There are 5 players out of 50 that the two playoff rosters have in common - six if you count Johnny Damon, which I don't
So no, Wallace Matthews. This wouldn't be worse than 2004, you moron.

Just as a blowout victory in Game 4 didn't predict success in last night's game, one tough loss doesn't mean the Yanks are going to drop the last two. Relax everyone, it's still match point and we've got the next two serves.

Remember when everyone was in agreement that this was going to be a great series? Well, in a great series, there are going to be triumphs and tragedies. Glorious victories and heartbreaking losses. Let's try not to lose our minds so badly in the latter that we can't enjoy the former.

It's Friday night. Blow off some steam. I might be witnessing some amateur pugilism. Some of you are probably planning to get extremely drunk. Others may be doing slightly more respectable activities like going out to dinner and seeing a movie. Do your respective things and let's meet back here sometime tomorrow afternoon.


  1. jacko's wacko

  2. Every single person I work with, obviously that means they're all idiots, keep calling this 2004 all over again. I actually yelled at a group of people at work today because it's ridiculous. You might as well compare them to the 1964 Yankees IMO. There are no similarities beyond a couple of players who are actually the Yankees best players.

  3. just wanna share: In Andy Pettitte's last five postseason starts, he is 1-0 with a 2.30 ERA