Thursday, October 1, 2009

Game 159 Cliffs Notes

The game last night was by no means a classic work. However, just like like many pieces of supposedly great literature some have tried to force you to endure, this one is probably best skimmed over.

Game Summary:
  • Despite protesting his displeasure for limited outings in the past, Joba Chamberlain, shortens his own start by throwing 91 pitches through 3 2/3 innings. He limited the damage against him however, somehow arranging 7 hits and 4 walks (the same number of baserunners as outs recorded) and allows three runs. Such a complex character.

  • Leading of the first inning, Derek Jeter ripped a home run off of Royals starter Robinson Tejeda bringing his line when leading off the game to .382/.416/.540. The way he takes advantage of a pitcher trying to settle in has been so brilliant and makes you wonder why he hasn't been leading off his entire career.

  • With the Yankees trailing 3-1 and no one out in the fifth inning, Nick Swisher laced a two run blast to right field, tying things up. Tejeda made a spectacular play to steal a bunt base hit from Melky Cabrera in the next at bat, but Jeter and Damon reached based in succession giving the appearance that the Yanks were poised to rally. 'Twas not to be however, as Mark Teixeira grounded into an inning ending double play.

  • Shortly there after Joe Girardi began the reliever and scrub parade, trotting out 5 more pitchers and 7 non-starting position players. He used Damaso Marte for TWO whole at bats, recording a strike out and allowing a walk. Girardi yanked him in favor of Sergio Mitre who, to the surprise of absolutely no one, allowed the runner he inherited to score, giving Marte the loss.

  • He didn't replace Nick Swisher soon enough though, as Royals catcher John Buck smacked a go-ahead triple (off of Mitre) which was catchable, but was fielded by Swisher as if he was a second grader with his shoe laces untied.

  • Mariano pitched a scoreless top of the ninth and the Yanks staged a late rally, putting the winning run on first base, but fell short.

  • Final score: 4-3

  • The End.

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