Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ALDS Previews Galore

We'll be back shortly with our own unique brand of preview, but wanted to gather up some more in-depth looks ahead at the series first.
- River Ave. Blues goes position by position.

- Replacement Level Yankees Weblog uses wOBA, pERA & pFIP to make some projections looking just at the postseason rosters of both teams. They already looked at the Twins and today tackled the Yankees. Brilliant concept and great execution. Well done, fellas.

- The Yankee Universe explores at the pitching match ups and examines the Twins' bullpen.

- The NYT Bats Blog calls it a "mismatch". I see no need to tempt fate like that.

- Aaron Gleeman goes in-depth at Circling the Bases.

- David Pinto does the same at Baseball Musings.

- The Sports Section at New York Magazine looks at each Yankee star along with Joe Girardi.

- And finally, here's some talk about the shadows that can play a part in late afternoon games, especially in the postseason. The sun won't be the element giving the teams the most problems tonight, though. That would be the wind.
You'd better read those because there's going to be a quiz on them later!

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