Friday, August 7, 2009

Yanks Get Gaudin

While the Yanks were busy putting a beating on the Sox last night, Brian Cashman was working a deal with the Padres, acquiring Chad Gaudin for a player to be named later.

For the year, Gaudin is 4-10 with a 5.13 ERA (73 ERA+), 1.53 WHIP, and a K:BB of just 1.88. Those aren't great numbers, particularly considering that he's pitched about 40% of innings in the pitcher's haven of Petco Park - where his numbers are actually worse than they are on the road.

That said, Gaudin may be a bit better than the surface numbers indicate. His FIP is a far more palatable 3.68, and may have been a bit unlucky, with a BABIP of .338 far above the league average.

Reports are that Gaudin will begin his Yankee career in the bullpen, and I'm opposed to that. Sergio Mitre has been bad for four straight starts. Gaudin has started in 19 of his 20 appearances this year. Why put him in the pen so he can lose arm strength and stamina like Alf and Hughes before him? When they finally decide to jettison Mitre, Gaudin likely won't be in as good a condition as he is now to step into the rotation.

Further, if Mitre keeps the five spot and Gaudin goes to the pen, that means that someone currently in the pen has to go. David Robertson and Mark Melancon both have options, but both deserve a roster spot at present. Could Brian Bruney be DFA'd? I wouldn't be in favor of that either. The only way I'd be comfortable with Gaudin heading to the pen would be if Mitre is the guy to go and Alf moves into the rotation. Time will tell.


  1. Although I'm moderately intrigued by the idea of adding a lefty with pretty good velocity to the bullpen mix, Matt, I agree with you. Given how atrocious Mitre has been, the Yanks need to strongly consider replacing him with Gaudin now. So the Yanks are 3-1 in Mitre's starts--great. It's IN SPITE OF Mitre, not BECAUSE of him. I thought rather well of Gaudin when he was with the A's. Mitre, on the other hand, has a WHIP of over 2 with the Yanks. Enough of the Mitre experiment. Right now, the 5th starter is like middle relief--perform or risk the hook. Others can step in to that role.

    My sense is that Aceves won't move into the rotation after his shoulder became sore.

  2. My bad; Gaudin is a righty. Duh.

    I stand by all else.