Monday, August 10, 2009

Out Of Left Field

Thus says our muse:
"You're being a little critical. What do you want me to tell you? You want me to tell you I took a bad route to the ball on the second one? OK, I took a bad route. I don't know what to tell you ... I'm not an outfielder. I'm an infielder." (source)

Yes Youk, you did take a bad route. But hey, at least it wasn't an E7 like the first one.

Kevin Youkilis' UZR/150 for LF in 2009: -81.7

Kevin Youkilis' UZR/150 for LF for his career: -21.9

Saturday might be the last time we see the Youkstah in the OF.


  1. I can sympathize with him. My outfield defense can charitably be described as 'suspect', though the brutal truth is 'frigging terrible'. Anything hit over my head = extra bases, so I have to play deep. Which wouldn't be a problem if I had a strong throwing arm but I don't. So I stick to first base or catcher and hope for the best.

    But that's me. I'm an average athelete at best.'re a professional baseball player and a very good infielder. You should be better than this. Those were routine fly balls you muffed. They weren't slicing, there wasn't a lot of wind or a bright sun, you didn't have to judge your distance to the wall.

    Fucking terrible. "I'm not a outfielder" is not an excuse. You're a baseball player first, position player second.

  2. I hear you , A-Train... I don't play baseball but can assure you I would be pretty bad if I tried.

    It's a failure on both Francona and Youk's part. They gambled, thinking that he wouldn't really be tested out there too much and his bat would be more valuable to the lineup, but over the course of those two games he only got on base three times via two walks and a single. I don't think Josh Reddick could have done much worse.