Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yankees Broadcasts Creeping Dangerously Close To Respectability

Last night's game was fairly long (3:17), and after the Yanks jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the second inning, the game was never in doubt. But that doesn't even begin to explain this:

No "Thuh Yankees Win... Thuuuuuuh. Yannnnnnnkkkkeeessss. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn"?!?!??

What's next? Are they going to forget to play New York, New York after they win at home?

Sterling's apparent jet lag/heavy medication, coupled with the fact that Michael Kay is on vacation until after the All-Star Break has made both the radio and TV broadcasts damn near tolerable. Now if they could just jettison Suzyn Waldman...


  1. Wha, wha, what? The sky is falling...

    In all honesty, what happens at the end of the game isn't as annoying as what he does during it. The home run calls are trite and if you listen to the broadcasts regularly, you'll find that he constantly repeats the same tired trusims. I'd say they should get rid of him, but who are they going to bring in?

  2. As John Sterling will tell you, you can't predict baseball, but you can predict what tired catch phrase he'll toss out at any given point. Except of course when he busts out "An A-Bomb" for Matsui - which is somewhat hilarious in its own right.

    I don't care who replaces him. They can get Stephen Hawking's voice box and it would be an upgrade.

    How in the world an organization that prides itself on being top notch has allowed Michael Kay and John Sterling to become the voices of the franchise over the past twenty years is mind boggling. Mel Allen, Red Barber, and Phil Rizzuto must be spinning in their graves.

  3. Here's a radical idea that will never happen...

    Move Michael Kay to the radio booth. Of course now that YES has propped him up as some sort of a star with his own show and ubiquitious presence on the network, it's too late. But if Sterling hadn't been blocking Kay as the play-by-play guy, maybe that's where he would have ended up, thereby opening up the YES gig for someone else.

    Who? I have no idea, but they probably would have been more likable than Kay.

  4. I liked that Ken Singleton mentioned Rochester NY (home of the twins AAA team the red wings) and frontier field.

    It's a lot nicer than silver stadium, if only because there aren't any bench seats.