Monday, June 22, 2009

Yankees Fathers and Sons [Part 2]

Still killing time on a Monday off day. Here's the exciting conclusion of Yankees Fathers and Sons"

Jesse Barfield: A Yankee OFer from 1989-1992, he's the father Josh Barfield, who after a decent rookie campaign with the Padres in 2006, was traded to the Indians and has really fallen off the map.

Danny Tartabull: A Yankee from 1992-1995, his father Jose was an outfielder from 1961-1970.

Cecil Fielder: Big Daddy was with the Yanks in 1996 and 97. His son is one the game's top sluggers but lamentably the two aren't on speaking terms. Stories abound about a young Prince jacking BP HRs in Tiger Stadium as a youngster. A relative of mine ran into father and son Fielder in a Florida grocery store when Prince wasn't yet a teenager. He said the kid was huge.

Ruben Amaro: Amaro Sr was with the Yanks from 1966-68. Ruben Jr had a mediocre Big League career and is now the General Manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Jose Cruz: Cruz Sr ended his career with the 1988 Yankees. His son Jose Jr played in the Majors through last season.

John Mayberry: Mayberry ended his career with the Yankees in 1982. His son John Jr made his Big League debut against the Yankees earlier this year and hit his first Major League HR.

Matt Keough: A pitcher on the 1983 Yankees, his father played from 1956-66

Joe Niekro: The late knuckleballer was with the Yankees in 1985, 86, and 87, briefly as a teammate of his Hall of Fame brother Phil. His son Lance was a firstbaseman with the Giants from 2003-07. After washing out, he tried to reinvent himself a knuckleballer like his father and uncle before him.

Dave Parrish: Parrish was the Yankees first round pick in 2000. He never appeared in a Major League game, but was called up briefly a few years ago when Jorge Posada broke his nose breaking up a double play. He is the son of former Big League catcher Lance Parrish.

Dick Schofield: The Senior Schofield played 25 games for 1966 Yankees as part of a 19 year Big League career. His son Dick Jr played from 1983-96. He is also the grandfather of Jayson Werth, whose step-father Dennis Werth played for the Yanks from 1979-81.

Joel Skinner: Light hitting back-up catcher from 1986-1988, his father Bob was an outfielder for 12 years, predominantly with the Pirates.

Roy Smalley: A Yankee from 1982-84, his father Roy Sr had an 11 year career. His is also the nephew of former manager Gene Mauch.

Steve Trout: Steve had a brief and disastrous stint as a Yankee in 1987. His father Dizzy had a good 15 year career as a pitcher.

Gary Ward: A Yankee from 1987-89, his son Daryle played in the Bigs through last year and has been one of the NL's top pinch hitters.

Stan Javier: Javier made his Major League debut as a 20 year-old with the 1984 Yankees. He was included in the Rickey Henderson deal following the season and carved out a nice 17 year career. His father Juliam was a Major League second baseman in the sixties and early seventies.

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