Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Henry & Me"

A couple Yankees are contributing to an animated film called "Henry & Me". The title character turns out to be (SPOLIER ALERT!) Lou Gehrig and will be portrayed by Richard Gere.

Since it's a children's book, everyone has predictably altrustic motives. Here is the author of the book the movie is based upon:
"We can give the innocence of the game back to the children," Negron said. "Goodbye steroids, hello grassroots."
Which sounds great, right?

But A-Rod is in the movie. You'd think that if you were really trying to say "goodbye steroids" or whatever, you might not want to include an admitted steroid user in the fucking cast. But then they probably wouldn't get Newsday to write a story about the movie with A-Rod's part as the lede, would they?
It was George Steinbrenner who gave Negron a job as a Yankees batboy in the 1970s, after The Boss caught Negron spray-painting the team logo on the old Yankee Stadium.

"This is a tribute to George Steinbrenner, and his passion for all of the young kids in the country," Negron said.
It's a shame he's not alive to see it.


  1. Wish Gere -who's made his fortune -would show
    a lot more daring in his choice of roles and

    The Boomer Generation seems, so far, to be a total washout as far as art, vision and the
    second and third acts genrally.

  2. Actually, Ray Negron is a decent human being--he is not God, nor are you. We can't save the worl, but we can attempt to put our best foot foward. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Have a son who had cancer I know all too well. This movie will be great and it's okay to criticize, but at the end of the day--I believe Ray does all he can for kids. He means well.