Thursday, April 23, 2009

Your Gastronomical Guide To The New Stadium

Can't take credit for this one, but I can certainly point you in the right direction.

Our boy HowFresh, in only two journeys to the New Yankee Stadium has compiled an exhaustive review of a ton of the culinary options. In typical H-F fashion, he has eaten way more than any of you could ever dream of and provided reviews and pictures. It's the sort of invaluable resource you need to bookmark for you first trip to the Stadium, if you are at all interested in checking out the dining options. I must warn you... Do not attempt to read it on an empty stomach.


  1. Aw man homie- good looking on the tout. Just trying to provide the needed info. Knowledge is power. Can't wait to hit Citi to get my eat on and then to Philly for the Schmitter.

  2. No problem, man.

    I think people read what the offerings are but don't have any real idea what the food is like. Time and stomach capacity are valuable commodities. You are doing God's work, sir.