Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I took this screen shot this morning when I went into do a screen grab recap of the incredible end of the Tigers vs. Blue Jays game. But guess what? I can't because the game isn't available. As I mentioned before, I split the Premium Package with my sister, which should entitle us to watching archived and condensed games.

The archived games are supposed to be up 45 minutes after they end. It's 7:45 the following morning and 5 of the 12 games aren't up at all. How about the condensed games from the day before?


None of the main home or away archived audio feeds are up either. (Many of the alternates are in Spanish)

In addition, the in-game DVR functionality is extremely slow and clumsy. Although it tells you what half of the inning you are in, you have to fast forward blindly and guess where you are going to end up. It's not like an actual DVR, where you can see the frames going by.

I'm going to give them a little while to get things sorted out, but this is pretty frustrating. It's $110 and if they are going to charge than kind of money, they should probably have the service in order by the time it goes live.

I'm not a whiner in general. I paid the full $125 for Moogis (a lot more than my $55 share of so I could watch the Allman Brothers play live at the Beacon Theater, and didn't complain at all, because, you know, it actually worked and delivered what it promised.

I wish I could say the same for


  1. MLB.TV is a joke! Their software sucks balls and their blackout restrictions are all wonky! You know how Fox has the game of the week on Saturday, and they play one of three games depending on your area? Well on MLB.TV ALL games are blacked out! My friend actually worked for a company that was contracted by MLB to do customer service for MLB.TV at the beginning of the new season and he said it was a complete fuckjob. Everything was totally fucked! Down with MLB.TV!!! If I was you I would try to cancel my subscription and get my money back. For screen grabs just hook your comp to your TV and buy the MLB extra innings package. Way more reliable than MLB.TV.

  2. Not surprising that they would give short shrift to the online media.

    I don't have DirecTV or else I would think about Extra Innings. Also my computer has a HDMI output, but no input, so I'm stuck with the shitty digital camera ones I do for now.

  3. Time Warner has Extra Innings. They have a free preview going on.

  4. Nice. I guess I was thinking about the NFL Package.

  5. FYI: From Time Warner

    "Order now, during our FREE PREVIEW WEEK, and save $30 off the regular season price. After Sunday, the price slides to the normal price, so steal a deal today."

  6. Extra Innings is a godsend. I just went in and dropped the $170- otherwise I'd have waited till after the promo date and wound up paying 2 bills- like what happened last year. And this year they have the HD channel which plays 1 to 3 games a day. Heaven.

  7. Ricky Fernicola4/8/09, 5:47 PM

    extra innings is def the best..did you really see the allman bros? I caught them at the beacon thtr too..they were pretty awesome..I think they are gonna be on the beacon theater tribute they are showing tomorrow night at 10PM along with bon jovi and other performers..sounds good: Beacon Theater Stars

  8. Extra Innings is the shit. Living in Philly, this will be my third year with the package after 1 horrible year of