Monday, April 6, 2009

Game One: Heating Pads, Crazy Eyes & Facial Expressions

The run total is not nearly as discouraging as the indivisible K/BB ratio. For what it's worth, the guy does seem to lose his control in what are perceived to be big games. He has 22 walks in 5 postseason games (4.4 per game), and in 254 regular season games has 523 (2.05 per). Back in December, I took a deeper look at this.

The real concern is what he was trying to treat with that heating pad in between innings. Although if it was serious, I doubt Girardi would have kept running him out there.

I was a little surprised by the thundering boos that rained down on Mark Teixeira. Okay, the guy is from the Baltimore area, but aside from taking the best available contract, did he really do that much to offend Orioles fans? The guy above has some real hate in his (crazy) eyes. I guess when your team trots out Jeremy Guthrie as their "ace", you have to look elsewhere for things to get worked up about.

Click on that picture to get a larger view. Every single person has a priceless expression on their face. It would more amusing if that wasn't the fatal blow that the O's dealt to the Yanks.

Not exactly how we drew it up.


  1. Not too concerned.

    Look at CC's splits from last year:

    Look at Teixeira's 3-year splits:

  2. Is that Dan Rather in that 2nd pic?

  3. "I was a little surprised by the thundering boos that rained down on Mark Teixeira."

    Why would this surprise you? Yankees fans just don't get it. It's not only Red Sox and Mets fans that hate the Yankees and their players and their fans, it's pretty much EVERYONE. Everyone hates the Yankees and their overpaid players. Get used to it.
    Keep telling yourself "it's only one game." It is one game. One game in which Tex went 0 for 4 and Sabathia last 4 and a third innings. It wasn't like the Yankees lost by just a little, they lost by a lot and their pitching looked foolish. Hahahaha!!! That was awesome.

  4. Ralph - I think it might be...

    Anon - If it was A-Rod, I would not have been surprised in the least. Pretty much everyone on the Yankees is overpaid, but I didn't hear Posada or Damon being booed nearly as lustily. I don't know if you watched or listened to the game, but it was LOUD. Just because the guy is from the area?

    Yeah they lost by 5, but had it within one run in the 7th. I'll let you Yankee haters do the overreacting.