Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Game 14: New Yankee Stadium Live Blog Alert!

That's right folks, tonight Schiff and I will be reporting to you live from the Stadium as the Yanks square off with the A's.

Hopefully the game will go better than last time.


  1. With the MLB Extra Innings package getting stuck with the other teams annoucers blows, they just trash the yankees all game. However tonight that is not the case. All they are talking about is how beautiful the stadium is, how cool the roll call is, how great Yankees fans are for giving Giambi a huge ovation and how terrible A's fans are for not giving a similar ovation during his first game back in Oakland.

    A welcome change from the doucehbags I usually get stuck with.

  2. It looks pretty empty there. Not just the "Madonna money" seats, but all around the lower decks.