Friday, April 24, 2009

Does This Usually Happen?

When Dustin Pedroia doubled in the bottom of the third inning, I noticed something odd.

Look towards the ump's chest plate below. (Click to enlarge)

See that little poof of dust/chalk/smoke?

It has dissipated slightly in the one below:

And it's gone in this screen shot:

Maybe it's just because little Dusty hits the ball so squarely, but I can't remember ever seeing that before. Perhaps Joba was hitting the rosin bag especially hard? I don't know.

Just thought it was worth pointing out.


  1. Interesting...Very Interesting.

  2. Maybe that was the last little bit of Molina's purchased soul escaping from the bloated corpse because it couldn't remain trapped in such a bitch ass loser body forever while the mind was overpowered and crushed by the losing spirit.

    Tomorrow on the front page of the post will be a photo of "Mariano I Love-to-Blow-Saves-Against-the-Red-Sox Rivera" with the caption "THE CHOKEES"! hahaha Or maybe they already used that one after the epic fail of the 04 ALCS???

  3. Hahahaha... wow, Anon. You are going to crush Molina? Clearly axis of evil within the Yankees is their back-up catcher who makes $2M. Maybe you are just upset that he went 2-3 with two walks.

    Hopefully the post will come up with something far more clever than that.