Monday, March 23, 2009

End Of The Road For Schil-do

As much as I would love to see him make a comeback and get tattooed this year, Curt Schilling is hanging up his bloody cleats for good:
To say I’ve been blessed would be like calling Refrigerator Perry ‘a bit overweight’.
That line brought to you by Rick Reilly.

Four World Series, three World Championships. That there are men with plaques in Cooperstown who never experienced one, and I was able to be on three teams over seven years that won it all is another ‘beyond my wildest dreams’ set of memories I’ll be allowed to take with me.
Let the Hall of Fame debate ensue. I say "no", but those who exalt clutchiferousness would probably beg to differ.
I want to offer two special thank you’s.

To my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for granting me the ability to step between the lines for 23 years and compete against the best players in the world.
Jesus doesn't read your blog. He does read Fack Youk, though.

I guess this means he'll have much more time to devote to his political career and blogging efforts. How long until he's on the MLB Network? I give it two weeks.


  1. ‘So long, you fetus-faced windbag’

    Thank you Bob Costas!

  2. Jay, I was expecting a little more vitriol. You're too kind to the guy.

  3. I didn't want to go down that road or else this post would have been 1,000 words long. I hate everything about that ketchup-socked, blabbering fucking asshat and hope his bid for Senate ends in a firey private plane crash.

    Is that better?

  4. Yes, much better. And I'm glad you clarified that it was a private plane.

  5. No need for any civilian casualties.