Friday, March 27, 2009

Dill Dough

Some of you may know DJ Gallo as "the only funny person writing for Page 2" or possibly as the sole proprietor of The Sports Pickle. I started reading his stuff a few years back on Page 2 when I realized that I couldn't sit in a chair and do work for 9 hours a day. His A.M Jumps and columns were always good for at least one laugh that would let your coworkers know that you weren't proofing the report your boss sent down. Since they pulled the A.M. Jump from Page 2, I've rarely visited, but I did stop by occasionally to check out D.J.'s NFL Hangover.

Today, word came down that the Pickle had been acquired by CollegeHumor. From the press release:
Created as a sports humor and satire site by DJ Gallo,'s content has attracted a loyal audience ripe for expansion across the CollegeHumor Media properties. Known for its funny, entertaining and original content appealing to both consumers and advertisers, CollegeHumor Media caters to the same demographic of males age 18-24, showcasing the natural synergies between both brands.
The Sports Pickle was The Onion's sport section before The Onion had a sport section. Updated weekly with six or seven articles, there were also recurring features such as (ranked in magnitude of hilarity) Ponder This, This Week In Sports Revisionist History (T.I.R.S.H.), Fake Quote Of The Week and Mail Athletes.

Cash those checks D.J., you've earned them.

Some Yankee-related favorites:


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  1. Good for DJ. I like him because he is funnier than farts, he wears sweater vests like me, and we have similiar views in the area of hobo punching....its awesome